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This description of Don Callis’ head wound is absolutely horrifying

On last night’s (Mar. 29) episode of AEW Dynamite, Don Callis was legitimately hurt in a backstage segment where he was attacked by Jon Moxley. Viewers saw Don come up a bloody mess shortly after he went down to the ground, drawing a gasp from the live audience.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez explained the gruesome details he heard about Don’s head wound:

“In taking the bump, Don was unaware that there was a lighting rig right behind him. And he went head first into the lighting rig, and he got gashed open. It was described to me as looking like he was hit with a hatchet.”

“Allegedly his doctor told him it was so deep you could see his skull. Bleeding everywhere. They took him to the hospital...he was there until 3 AM because it took them that long to put his head back together.”

It sounds like Don is back at home and doing alright, but it might be a while before we see him on TV again.

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