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Britt Baker is injured, and the pain is getting worse

AEW on TV’s Twitter

Dr. Britt Baker DMD has been the face of women’s wrestling in AEW since the promotion started up in 2019. However, she has taken on more of a sidekick role to current AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter over the last few months. In fact, Britt has only competed in four total matches thus far in 2023, with roughly 25% of the year already in the books.

On last night’s debut episode of AEW: All Access, it was revealed the Baker has been dealing with a back injury going back to late 2022. In a new interview with, Baker said the pain is getting worse and has spread to her neck:

“Unfortunately it’s getting worse. Now it’s like a neck and a back problem. But it’s manageable. I’m tough, so I’ll always find ways to work. My championship reign was with a broken wrist. So I’ll figure it out one way or another. You’ve got to work your way around it, sometimes maybe trick your body into thinking, ‘Eh, it doesn’t really hurt that bad.’”

Earlier this month, Baker didn’t work a match at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view, though she did compete at AEW’s house show in Ohio less than two weeks ago. So it looks like she can work through this pain as long as her workload is carefully managed. Hopefully there will be a more optimistic update coming in the near future, because this doesn’t sound like a good situation at the moment.

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