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MJF, Adam Cole, and Britt Baker are doing a little cooking on Twitter

MJF is just days away from defending the AEW world championship against Bryan Danielson in an Iron Man match at Revolution, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to who may be on the horizon as a future challenger. After all, MJF is a monster favorite in the betting odds right now and there’s little reason to think he’ll be losing the title this weekend.

To that end, a bit of a Twitter beef started cooking up today when MJF responded to a post showcasing Britt Baker, Cole’s girlfriend, making some comments on the champ:

Cole, of course, wasn’t going to let that fly without a response. Sure enough:

Let’s not forget Baker, who also came in from the top rope with a verbal flying elbow drop:

Hot damn!

It was just over one week ago that Cole announced he will finally return to the ring to wrestle a match following a long recovery from a bad concussion. The timing of this is pretty damn good too, considering AEW could certainly use a strong babyface at the top of the card to oppose MJF.

Could it be the one and only Adam Cole (bay bay)?

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