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The MJF/Jungle Boy feud is off to a strong start

A couple weeks ago, AEW set the table for a feud between its Four Young Pillars: reigning World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Jungle Jack Perry, Darby Allin & Sammy Guevara.

Tonight (Mar. 29) on Dynamite, after Perry picked up a win over Matt Hardy, MJF came out to have a word with Jungle Jack. The champ wasn’t happy that Perry interrupted his re-Bar Mitzvah, and wanted to address several points Jack made in his promo that night.

Friedman ended up agreeing that he’s had it easier than Jungle Boy since their match at Double or Nothing 2020, but said that Perry has no one to blame for that but himself.

After that match, MJF sought him out and shook his hand. He also gave Jack some advice. He asked if Perry remembered what that was, and after he got a microphone, Jungle Boy told him. Friedman told Perry to cut off his friends (like “Marko Stunt-ed Growth” and “Dino Douche”) and only look out for himself. Jack rejected that in a strong babyface promo that was reminiscent of his mentor-turned-mortal enemy Christian Cage, saying that he often wishes he could be more like MJF. He vowed to reach the top on his own, not waking up every morning to look at a narcissistic piece of shit in the mirror the way Max has to.

MJF responded by mockingly congratulating Perry on his improved microphone skills, and brought up Jack’s girlfriend Anna Jay. He didn’t let Friedman finish his Anna-related insult before dropping him.

The champ escaped before taking a sliding forearm to the back of his head, but his work was done. MJF did a great job of putting Jungle Boy over while running him down, and he’s not wrong about Perry’s improved delivery on the stick.

Is this the first Four Pillars feud? Allin and Guevara were shown watching the Jungle Boy/Matt Hardy match on the monitors, so we’ll wait to see where they slot in on the road to this year’s Double or Nothing.

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