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Taya Valkyrie dragged into coffin by supernatural beings in final Impact appearance

Impact is known for wacky write-offs when talent exit the promotion. Heck, Eric Young was murdered. Ever since Taya Valkyrie appeared as a surprise in AEW, it was clear that her time in the Impact Zone was over.

Last week, Taya was pinned in defeat as the Death Dollz lost to the Knockouts Tag Team Championship to the Coven duo of Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King. This week on Impact Wrestling, Taya was dragged into a coffin by supernatural beings.

To understand the story, it first starts with Rosemary as a demon assassin from the Undead Realm. That is the universe we are talking about. Jessicka was angry about the title loss and stumbled upon a mysterious coffin. Taya closed the coffin to keep Jessicka away from the white light of evil magic. That’s when hands crept up and pulled Taya down into the coffin.

Impact didn’t post the clip. Thanks to GIF master DraVen (@WrestlingCovers), we can view the coffin part of the scene.

I’d like to think those were the hands of Tony Khan.

That wasn’t the first time Taya was written off of Impact programming. When she signed with WWE to debut in NXT, Impact used a story that Taya was arrested for attempted murder.

Taya confirmed that this was the end of the line for her run in Impact with a photo montage and touching message to her Impact family.

Well, what can I say. To the men and women of @impactwrestling, you’ve been such an enormous part of life for the last 6 years. You’ve all had such a huge part in picking me up when I’m down, being my biggest cheerleaders and truly proving that sometimes, family is chosen. I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for welcoming me back, thank you for helping me rediscover myself when I was truly broken and allowing me to just be me. Death Dollz, our bond is one that can never be broken. The last year with you two has been a highlight of my career and I owe you both the world. It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you all down the road. -Kira

What is your favorite memory of Taya Valkyrie’s Impact career?

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