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Dark Order member joins Nash & Austin AEW boycott as Hangman inches closer to Elite reunion

Two aspects of Being The Elite that bring much joy to viewers is its ability to mock spicy reports from the newswire and the long-term soap opera storytelling. The latest episode of BTE hit both.

One juicy morsel in last week’s news cycle was Kevin Nash stating that he made a pact with Steve Austin not to watch AEW. Whether Nash was joking or serious, it still was ripe for the picking to poke fun at on BTE. The man to riff on that pact was Stu Grayson.

Grayson made his return to AEW last week in Winnipeg, Canada to back up his boys in the Dark Order and Hangman Page for a wrestling match against the Blackpool Combat Club. The scene starts at 7:43 of BTE. Hangman was elated to see Stu again.

Being The Elite

The group got to chatting about old times yucking it up, then Stu inquired about the absence of Anna Jay, 5 (Alan Angels), 10 (Preston Vance), and Colt Cabana. He was completely unaware of current storylines. Evil Uno awkwardly asked if Stu hasn’t watched the show in 11 months. Stu replied, “First off, Steve, Kevin, and myself made a pact not to watch the product.” That reference was worthy of a chuckle.

On to the more important items from BTE, long-term storytelling!

In this same scene, Uno thanked Hangman for being a friend to help them with Jon Moxley. Hangman sheepishly got in his feelings to state his appreciation and love for the Dark Order. That was followed by a tender group hug.

In more long-term storytelling, Stu picked up on the bit where Anna always hurts him physically. Since she wasn’t there, he jumped on a table to hurt himself.

Those were amusing moments, but the real draw of BTE was to see references to the cliffhanger from Dynamite. If you recall, BCC had Hangman surrounded, then the Elite entered the ring to watch the cowboy’s back. BCC exited, and Hangman turned around to face his old pals as the show went off the air.

BTE showed footage of what happened after Dynamite went off the air. That scene starts at 23:38 of BTE. Hangman looked at Omega and Young Bucks. Tension was high. Then Omega turned his back and exited the ring with a dismissive wave of the hand. The Bucks reluctantly followed while taking cues from Omega on whether it was okay to reconcile with Hangman. The Elite contemplated on the outside, but nothing official passed.

Being the Elite

The closing scene at 30:45 of BTE seemed to move one step forward to a reunion for the Elite and Hangman when Matt Jackson fired up the old group chat. Nick Jackson was game. Hangman sent a cowboy emoji. Dramatic pause waiting for Omega to reply, and nothing from Kenny. BTE got our hopes up with the ding of a new message, but it was Nick sending a GIF of Michael Jackson eating popcorn.

Being The Elite

It seems like Omega is the holdout for a full reunion of friends, but at least ice is thawing between the Bucks and Hangman. That’s assuming BTE isn’t ribbing us all, and Matt actually has a completely different set of friends named Nicholas, Hanger, and Kenneth.

Watch the full video of Never Forget Where You Came From - Being The Elite Ep. 339.

What’s your take on this week’s long-term storytelling from BTE?

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