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Taya Valkyrie loses Knockouts tag titles in Impact

Taya Valkyrie made headlines with a surprise appearance in AEW on Wednesday night Dynamite. Once La Wera Loca was announced as All Elite, something had to give with her heavy work schedule. Taya will be seen wrestling matches in five different promotions over the next six days. The first step in lightening the load came during Impact Wrestling when Taya lost the Knockouts tag titles.

The Death Dollz were booked to defend the belts against Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King of the Coven. If the witches lost, then they would have to abandon the dark art of magic.

The Death Dollz run three deep with Rosemary, Taya, and Jessicka. Only two were needed for the match. Taya advised that Rosemary step in over Jessicka. Taya was concerned that exposure to magic could mess with Jessicka’s transformation from Havok. Taya convinced Jessicka to step aside by using the lure of bottomless mimosas.

Match time!

It was a competitive bout heading down the stretch. King snapped a German suplex on Taya. Rosemary rushed in to break the pin. Wilde entered to get at the Demon Assassin, but Rosemary speared the Wilde Witch. The Death Dollz had victory in their sights setting up King for the teamwork Road to Valhalla finisher. Before they could execute, Wilde pulled Rosemary out of the ring. King escaped Taya’s clutches to counter for a roll-up. Taya kicked out, but she was promptly treated like a piñata. King finished with a pumphandle slam for victory. The Coven won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

If you’re wondering why Jessicka didn’t help her teammates, I don’t have an answer. Perhaps she was drunk from the mimosa cocktails?

If this is Taya’s last match in Impact, then she went out putting over a rising talent in King. This might not be the official end of Taya in the Impact Zone. There is the possibility that they filmed a cinematic scene to explain her departure, such as mischief in the Undead Realm.

Also of note, King revealed earlier this week that she officially signed an Impact contract.

Are you sad to see Taya Valkyrie move on from Impact?

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