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It sounds like Steve Austin and Kevin Nash have formed a pact to stop watching AEW

Here is an interesting sound bite I came across today while perusing the world wide web of wrestling content. This is a quote from Kevin Nash on this week’s episode of his Kliq This podcast:

“I just want to go on record that I have not watched AEW in months.

It goes back to, Steve Austin and I got a pact that he’s not watching it, therefore I’m not watching it. And, what I can tell by Twitter is, Taker’s now not watching it.

It’s nothing against any of the talent over there, anybody that does anything over there. It’s just something that we decided. It’s like Lent. You have to give things up, and so we did that.

It doesn’t change the fact that Kenny Omega is my favorite wrestler. Doesn’t change that at all.”

I don’t know if Nash’s claim is 100% serious, if the final line about Omega is sarcastic, or if there is an inside joke underlying the whole thing. But it got my ears to perk up, so I thought I would write about it here and see what our community at Cageside has to say about it.

One thing that it did bring to mind for me is that I don’t know what my personal wrestling consumption choices would be like right now if I wasn’t blogging about pro wrestling and required to watch some of these shows.

Tony Khan just launched the new era of ROH TV on Honor Club, which looks to be about two hours each week. It’s being reported that AEW has an extra hour of television coming to their weekly schedule with a Saturday show debuting later this year. We already have three hours of Raw, two hours of SmackDown, two hours of Dynamite, two hours of NXT, and one hour of Rampage each week. That’s already a ton of pro wrestling content to keep track of, without even getting into the time needed to watch NJPW, Impact, AAA, CMLL, Stardom, MLW, NWA, AEW Dark, and other shows.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I can’t really blame anybody who is making tough choices right now about which wrestling shows to include and exclude from their weekly schedule. The amount of possible wrestling content to partake in is overwhelming.

What other secret pacts do you think Austin and Nash have agreed upon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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