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AEW reportedly close to adding another weekly TV show

All Elite Wrestling

AEW currently runs two shows each week — Dynamite for two hours every Wednesday night at 8 pm ET on TBS and Rampage for one hour every Friday night at 10 pm ET on TNT. Now, according to Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian, we may be getting yet another weekly show from Tony Khan and co.

Indeed, Zarian said a third show is indeed coming and that he would “expect an announcement maybe next month, of something.” He also alluded to the possibility of it airing on Saturday nights at 6:05 pm, which is famously the time WCW Saturday Night ran on TBS.

The show is expected to run for one hour.

In mentioning all this Zarian also noted the size of the AEW roster is such that there is quite a bit of talent who simply aren’t getting much time on television. That echos recent comments Tony Khan himself has made. Adding another weekly show would help ensure no one is out getting cold for any extended amount of time.

That’s regardless of wrestlers appearing on Dark: Elevation or Dark, the weekly YouTube shows.

Are you in for another weekly show?

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