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GCW opposing AEW’s trademark of ‘Fight Forever’, possibly further delaying game

Video games were an early priority for AEW, but as we’ve entered into the company’s fourth year of existence, the only releases are a pair of little-promoted, less-discussed mobile games.

The headliner for AEW Games is Fight Forever, a Yukes-developed, THQ Nordic-published console game which aims to bring arcade-style fun back to wrestling simulations. It was supposed to release at some point last year, but it’s had something of a cursed release process. The last setback we knew of involving edits to ensure it could be sent to market with a T for Teen rating. Tony Khan enthusiastically hyped Fight Forever at last weekend’s Revolution media scrum, saying the game was finished — but still didn’t provide a release date.

A new report from Wrestling Inc could explain why. Game Changer Wrestling has formally opposed AEW’s trademark claim on “Fight Forever”. GCW held an event in January 2021 called Fight Forever, a 24 hour empty venue show designed to benefit wrestlers who’d been sidelined by the pandemic. They filed for a trademark on the name in July of that year, months after AEW filed their claim in March 2021.

On Mar. 1 of this year, GCW filed for an extension asking for more time to formally oppose AEW’s trademark. The request listed three reasons GCW felt it needs additional time:

Potential opposed believes that good causes are established for this request by:

-The potential opposed needs additional time to investigate the claim.

- The potential opposer needs additional time to confer with counsel.

- The potential opposer is engaged in settlement discussions with applicant.

The request was granted the next day, and GCW now has until May 31 to bolster their claim or negotiate a settlement with AEW. Regarding a potential deal with AEW, GCW Bret Lauderdale responded to someone on Twitter who essentially accused him of extorting Tony Khan:

Wrestling Inc’s David Bixenspan reached out to GCW and its patent attorney Michael Dockins (who, according to his law firm’s website, has trademarked his own nickname “The Gimmick Attorney”) for comment, but to this point hasn’t received a response.

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