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Saraya’s ex-WWE faction has a new name that’s awfully close to The Outsiders

Saraya and Toni Storm have declared war on the homegrown stars of the AEW women’s division. Now that Ruby Soho has joined up with this group of ex-WWE stars, the new faction has an official name: The Outcasts.

AEW commentators referred to them by that name multiple times during the show-closing angle on tonight’s (Mar. 10) episode of Rampage when they decided to spray paint Riho and put the boots to her.

It’s easy to draw some surface level parallels between Saraya’s group and the nWo, given the concept of ex-WWE stars uniting to declare war on their new wrestling company, as well as the excessive use of spray paint. nWo members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were known as The Outsiders, and that’s not too far off from The Outcasts.

The Outcasts picked a fight with Riho tonight, so business is about to pick up when the first ever AEW women’s world champion gets back on her feet.

What do you think of the new name, Cagesiders?

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