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AEW Rampage live results, open thread (Mar. 10, 2023): Riho vs. Nyla Rose

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at 10 pm ET on TNT.

The latest edition of AEW’s Friday night show comes our way on tape from Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and choose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

Tonight’s main event is Action Andretti vs. Sammy Guevara. This is a rematch from two weeks ago.

Also advertised for tonight: Riho vs. Nyla Rose, Konosuke Takeshita vs. Preston Vance, The Acclaimed are in action, we’ll hear from Jungle Boy and more!

Come right back here at 10 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on the show below the line.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with Action Andretti vs. Sammy Guevara.
  • Sammy Guevara defeats Action Andretti. Andretti went for his running shooting star late in the match, but Sammy got his knees up to counter it. Action came back with a diving splash, driving Sammy through the timekeeper’s table on the outside. Action went up top one more time, but Sammy took the ref, allowing Daniel Garcia to run out of nowhere and toss Andretti off the top rope and crashing to the mat below. Sammy followed up with his GTH finisher for the pin fall win.
  • Darby Allin says he still wants to go out in a blaze of glory. Maybe next week he’ll let us know what that means.
  • Jungle Boy says the chapter of his life with Christian is finally over. He has learned how to pick his spot. Every man with a championship belt around their waist is in his crosshairs, and he’ll be seeing one of them very soon.
  • QT Marshall and Powerhouse Hobbs with a quick promo backstage. Next week will be the first episode of QTV, and maybe we’ll find out who really broke into Wardlow’s car.
  • The Acclaimed defeat Starboy Charlie & Jack Cartwheel. Starboy pulled down the straps on his overall but it didn’t do much to help. The Acclaimed finish him off with the Mic Drop for the very quick victory. After the match is over, Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang come out to scissor a JAS shirt, with The Acclaimed staring on.
  • Jericho cuts a promo hyping up next week’s match for the world trios titles in Winnipeg between The Elite, House of Black, and JAS. Jericho guarantees there will be new champs next Wednesday.
  • Konosuke Takeshita defeats Preston Vance. Don Callis sat in on commentary for the match. Excalibur called it the battle of the heavyweights. Late in the match, the two wrestlers knock each other down with simultaneous discus elbows. Konosuke gets back up and executes a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. He blasts Vance with the knee, but Jose the Assistant puts Preston’s boot on the rope to break the pin attempt. Takeshita takes out Jose, opening himself up for Vance to put him down with a discus lariat for a near fall. Preston goes for another discus lariat, but Konosuke counters it into a backslide for the pin fall win.
  • Swerve Strickland cuts a promo backstage. Maybe he underestimated Keith Lee. Trench and Parker Boudreaux are both on the shelf now, but Swerve has not thrown every bullet he has in the chamber. Lee will never see it coming, because Swerve never loses. Keep eyes in the back of your head, Keith.
  • Mark Briscoe is in the ring with a mic, talking about the Briscoes as the 13 time ROH tag team champions. But now it’s time to move forward with the tag titles. He told Tony Khan on March 31 at ROH Supercard of Honor to put some of the best tag teams in a Reach for the Sky ladder match to determine the next ROH tag champs. Briscoe introduces the Lucha Bros as the first official team in the match.
  • Matt Hardy apologizes to Stokely Hathaway, who is scared out of mind to face HOOK. Hardy says he will personally train Hathaway for the fight.
  • Mark Henry throws to a video package hyping the main event match of Riho vs. Nyla Rose, which is up next.
  • Riho defeats Nyla Rose. Nyla puts Riho down with a powerslam late in the fight, but Riho kicks out of the pin attempt. Nyla sets her up for the guillotine flying knee drop from the top rope and nails it perfectly. But Riho kicks out of that pin attempt too! Nyla goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Riho rolls out of the way. Riho somehow executes a Northern Lights suplex that goets a big pop from the crowd for a super close near fall. Marina Shafir trips up Riho in the corner when the ref isn’t looking. Nyla tries to take advantage with the Beast Bomb, but Riho counters it into a pinning combination for the three count.
  • After the match is over, Nyla and Marina attack Riho, leaving her for dead in the middle of the ring while they take their leave. Toni Storm, Saraya, and Ruby Soho come out. Nyla and Shafir let them pass with no violence as they cross paths on the ramp. The three outcasts enter the ring and spray paint Riho, front and back, before Toni and Saraya puts the boots to her.
  • That’s the end of the show, folks!

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