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Eddie Kingston just ‘quit AEW’

Eddie Kingston was technically a part of the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on the Mar. 1 episode of Dynamite, but he and his former friend Ortiz brawled to the back early on. Announcers passed along that it took 10 security guards to separate the men behind the scenes, which was what Lexi Nair was trying to ask the Mad King about when he informed her, “I quit AEW — peace.”

Kingston’s always had more than a bit of an anti-authority streak, and his outspoken nature’s gotten him in trouble at other companies in the past. It’s something that AEW’s never hesitated to play up on-screen, and this is probably just the latest example of that. If that’s the case, they’re also selling it via Eddie’s media appearances, as he told Sactown Sports 1140 (h/t Wrestling Inc) he might not make it next Wednesday’s Dynamite in California’s capitol:

“I may not be at Sacramento though, it all depends on how certain things go in the locker room with the office. Especially with my match that’s coming up on Wednesday, not really happy about it. Yeah, so we have to have a talk, me and I’m not going to say who’s the office, everybody knows about Tony [Khan] but there are others. We all got to get together and talk. I want to go everywhere but I also, yanno, I got to be a businessman and put my foot down at some point. In a calm manner, that’s what I’m still trying to learn, a professional manner.”

Further evidence for this ultimately being storyline is the fact Kingston had a prominent role in last weekend’s Ring of Honor tapings. Without giving too much away (if you want that, check our spoiler report here), walking out of AEW would fit what Eddie’s doing in Tony Khan’s other promotion — something he figures to be doing until at least Supercard of Honor on Mar. 31 in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned.

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