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Danielson leaves MJF speechless in final push to AEW Revolution’s main event

You won’t find many people who think Bryan Danielson will leave Revolution as World champion after he faces Maxwell Jacob Friedman in an Iron Man match this Sunday, Mar. 5 (they’re not a fool-proof indicator, especially this far out from the show, but the latest odds have Friedman a HUGE favorite to retain). But AEW had to try something to convince us MJF’s title reign would end with his first PPV defense, and what they came up with was to give Danielson a microphone.

It wasn’t the most exciting way to end Mar. 1’s go home edition of Dynamite, but it was strong work from Bryan that continued the story they’ve been telling — that Friedman is a coward who’s likely to be exposed in a match designed to reward technical skill.

That was the main point Danielson made: that he’s had to fight for everything in his life & career while Max has had everything handed to him. He got personal by referencing the end of MJF’s engagement (which Friedman revealed in his promo last week), and popped the crowd with a couple of references to WWE & a big ****ing close that TBS bleeped out.

Without the bleep:

Did it work to convince you that the American Dragon can win this weekend? Or, as it’s likely designed to, make you impressed when MJF again finds a way to steal a win in a match the kayfabe signs all say he should lose?

Let us know below. And get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s Revolution go home edition of Dynamite here.

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