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Clues for AEW’s QTV point to one man

Intrigue was abound last week when a graphic for QTV aired on AEW Dark. Questions arose as to who or what it was. There wasn’t much to go by. This week, the QTV logo was back, and it had a little more information.


Now, we know that QTV stands for Quality TV. The QTV Twitter page states, “The only place for your real news on everything AEW!” It also leads to a QTV website, which claims to provide the real dirt from AEW. “Eager to stay up-to-date with the latest news, reviews and analysis? The QTV Newsletter is about ensuring that you stay informed and never miss out on all the relevant developments. Get ready to be in the know.”

Put on your detective hat, and let’s crack this case. For my money, the clues point to one man in particular. I’m looking at QT Marshall.

First, there is the obvious connection to make with QT being in the QTV name. Since QTV stands for Quality TV, the idea of QT in QTV being a literal connection is shot down. The case isn’t closed yet. After all, QT could stand for Quality Tea as in spilling the tea for quality gossip.

When visiting the QTV Twitter page, it is peculiar that they retweeted a denial of QT Marshall being involved. That is exactly what I would expect QT to do. Looking at the QTV follower list, Marshall was one of the early followers.

Digging deeper, the location of QTV is listed as Atlanta, GA. The website offers a phone number that traces directly to the Nightmare Factory training facility.

There are three coaches at the Nightmare Factory. I think it is safe to cross Cody Rhodes’ name off the list. I have a hard time believing Cody would create a side hustle running an AEW dirt sheet while working in WWE. Another coach is Glacier. Yes, that same Glacier whose blood ran cold in WCW. He seems content to keep to himself, so I’d cross him off the rumor monger list. That leaves one coach left. The man himself, QT Marshall. QT does seem like they type of character that would rifle through trash searching for any sliver of information. A dirt sheet would be right up his alley.

Are you convinced that QT Marshall is the force behind QTV? What other hints did you notice?

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