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MJF was reported to the police by a whole lot of people last night

MJF AEW Dynamite Dan Lambert wrestling news Photo: Lee South/AEW

On last night’s (Feb. 8) episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF told a story confirming that he is indeed the worst person in the world.

The quick summary goes like this: MJF got in a high speed car crash while driving his Camaro during high school when his girlfriend was distracting him with oral sex. In order to keep his driver’s license safe from legal consequences, MJF pulled her unconscious body into the driver’s seat to ensure that she would be blamed for the wreck.

MJF essentially confessed to a felony on air. And it turns out that pro wrestling is still very real to quite a few folks out there, based on the following post today on The 434’s Facebook page:

“Police received over 300 phone calls last night. Following the MJF promo last night on AEW Dynamite, the Nassau Police Department reported that they were flooded with over 300 phone calls following the promo by MJF. The police have released a statement saying they will be investigating the claims but believe it was to do with a fictional story on a television show.”

Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez confirmed there is indeed some truth to this claim:

“I don’t know if it was actually over 300, but absolutely 100% they got a bunch of phone calls. That’s not a joke. A bunch of fans legitimately called the Nassau Police Department to report MJF.”

ESPN’s Marc Raimondi also “heard from several people who have said there is truth to the original story.”

This sounds like a terrible use of police time and resources, but I’d reckon that’s the exact response a heel like MJF was hoping to achieve.

Let us know your thoughts on the police being flooded with calls about MJF’s crime, Cagesiders.

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