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Stokely Hathaway releases official statement seeking money from AEW after violent attack from Hook

Hook is a menace to society. Or at least a menace to Stokely Hathaway.

Hook violently attacked Hathaway on Dynamite. The cold-hearted handsome devil twisted Big Stoke’s delicate little arm with such torque that physical damage was done.

Hathaway responded.

Okay, that wasn’t Hathaway’s official statement. It did make me laugh though.

Hathaway released a written message addressing the injury to his dice rolling hand, demanding punishment for Hook, and requesting monetary compensation from Tony Khan.

HOOK will pay for his crimes.

It was confirmed that there was a forearm fracture, which required a cast. I am distraught. I roll the dice with my left hand so I’m fucked.

Please don’t make me sue this company, Tony Khan. You know that portrait of your father that’s hanging in your office? Well, once I own this company, I’m replacing it with a big ass photo of James Brown. Yep. Every time you see the Godfather of Soul sweating in a drug fueled rage at the Apollo, you’re going to think of me. Sounds pretty miserable, bro.

Do the right thing. Punish this little bastard HOOK and write me a fat check.

By the way, here’s a photo of me with my best friend, Al Sharpton. It means absolutely nothing btw.

The message closed with a blushing smile emoji implying that Hathaway may use his connections to Sharpton for his lawsuit.

I can’t lie. The idea of a sweaty James Brown photo in the AEW offices does sound pretty cool.

Time will tell how Stokely Hathaway gets the big payback on Hook.

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