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A bloody & bruised Bryan Danielson gets his Iron Man World title match at Revolution

Bryan Danielson needed to beat RUSH to secure his Iron Man World title match against the worst person in the world, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Already banged up from having defeated Konosuke Takeshita, Bandido, Brian Cage & Timothy Thatcher in this gauntlet, Danielson had to bust down the door to get out of his dressing room after El Toro Blanco’s associates nailed the door shut. MJF was in the arena rooting for Bryan to be disqualified for not answering the bell, but alibi aside, we know who gave the order.

The American Dragon busted down the door to get to the ring, but it wasn’t long before he was covered in his own blood after taking a drop kick from the former ROH World champion. RUSH loved it, channeling one of Danielson’s Blackpool Combat Club teammates...

The brutality continued...

... but of course Bryan wasn’t done. It took two Busaiku knees to put RUSH down, but the second one did the trick. All that did was enrage Friedman. After all his schemes to prevent having to defend his title in a 60 minute match on Mar. 5 failed, he charged the ring to attack the wounded Dragon — and took out everyone who tried to stop him.

Between attacking a referee after his match and what he did to security here, Friedman might be suspended until Revolution. By the time we get there, Danielson should be healed up.

Theirs is the only match booked for Mar. 5 in San Francisco.

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