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Lance Archer returns to AEW with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and a new look

Lance Archer last wrestled a match for AEW in November. He competed in NJPW through the end of 2022, but has yet to wrestle a match in 2023. That changed on tonight’s (Feb. 24) episode of Rampage.

The Murderhawk Monster returned to action with Jake “The Snake” Roberts once again by his side. Oh yeah, he also came back with a new look. This jobber named Bryce Saturn never stood a chance.

The commentary team gave the big hype job for Archer, reminding the audience that he won the 2020 Casino Battle Royal. They really tried to sell you that Archer has a new focus now that he is back in AEW, and with the devious Snake by his side, he’s more dangerous than ever before.

Does that mean this time he’ll be more than just an impressive big man who almost always loses the important match? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

What do you think of Archer’s new look, Cagesiders?

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