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Here’s the latest MJF promo wrestling fans will be arguing about

Perhaps you thought the AEW World championship feud between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Bryan Danielson needed a little something to turn up the heat ahead of their Iron Man match at Revolution in ten days?

Unsurprisingly, the company turned to the World champion for that “something”. MJF cut off Danielson’s promo on the Feb. 22 Dynamite for one of his own.

The champ started off by revealing that his fiancée broke off their engagement, something which would have made him suicidal if not for his beloved Triple B, his Big Burberry Belt. His sadness over the end of his relationship is due to how much he wanted to start a family. That was how Friedman transitioned to attacking Danielson for putting wrestling over his own family by continuing to put his body on the line despite a history of concussions. MJF said that makes the American Dragon no better than his “drug addicted mentor William Regal.”

Bryan warned him not to mention his kids, which led to Max addressing them by name into the camera. By the time the champ was in the ring he was talking about the brain damage he planned to give Bryan at Revolution, which was finally too much for the challenger. His attack prompted the pull apart brawl which ended the segment.

A quick scan of online reactions shows that, much like Friedman’s promo a couple weeks ago about framing his high school girlfriend after a car accident he caused to save his driver’s license, opinions are pretty split.

Personally, while I get that MJF’s character is that he’s a damaged person who says and does horrible things so he doesn’t feel vulnerable... I’m pretty numb to his presentation of that character at this point. That he has to keep including elements that are more and more edgy makes me think he & AEW realize that’s a problem.

But the crowd in Phoenix seemed to love this, and many people are proclaiming this the latest MJF masterpiece, so what do I know?

Let us know which side of this debate you fall on, Cagesiders. And get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s episode of Dynamite here.

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