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Rampage Slam Dunk got dunked on in the ratings

There were several things working against AEW’s b-show on Feb. 17, but it doesn’t change the fact these are the worst numbers in its history.

All Elite Wrestling

TNT’s coverage of the Rising Stars game during NBA All Star Weekend bumped Rampage from its regular time slot on Feb. 17. That’s never ideal, and having to go head-to-head with another basketball event — the Celebrity All-Star Game on ESPN, which won the night on cable — didn’t help.

Still AEW’s dealt with similar challenges before and the numbers weren’t quite this bad. In fact, Rampage has never done numbers this bad in its history.

At 7pm ET last Friday, Rampage had a total viewership of 287,000. Among 18-49 year olds, it had a .07 rating. That meant finishing 57th among cable originals on the night. The aforementioned best on cable Celebrity Game had a .54 in the demo. The Futures Game that followed Rampage on TNT scored a .35 with the 18-49 set.

The last time Rampage was pre-empted was Black Friday. Airing in the afternoon on Nov. 25, it had 30% more viewers and a 36% better rating. The show started at 7pm several times last year, and did much better numbers each time: Feb. 18 had 39% more viewers and a 65% better rating, April 15 the audience was 40% bigger than this one and its rating was 68% higher, and May 20 had a 30% better viewership number and the rating was 53% above last Friday’s.

Not sure what else to say. In any timeslot, wrestling fans aren’t watching Rampage during its initial airing right now.

Here’s a look at Rampage’s viewership and demo rating over the past eleven or so months:

* Aired at a time other than 10pm ET
** Two-hours

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Numbers via Showbuzz Daily

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