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Keith Lee returns to AEW, and he has new hair

Back on Dec. 21, Swerve Strickland turned on Keith Lee and formed the Mogul Affiliates faction. Swerve and his new allies (Trench & Parker Boudreaux) used a cinder block to injure Lee and put him out of action.

Nearly two months later, Lee is finally back in AEW. He returned during the show-closing angle on tonight’s (Feb. 17) “Slam Dunk” episode of Rampage.

The main event match saw old man Dustin Rhodes fight valiantly against Strickland in a grudge match. Boudreaux was ringside for Swerve, as usual, but Trench was nowhere to be seen. Swerve assumed that Dustin had something to do with Trench’s absence.

Rhodes was busted open early in the fight, putting him in a vulnerable position for the rest of the fight with the proverbial crimson mask. Even so, he was able to fire up and eventually hit his finisher. That’s when Parker interfered to cause a disqualification.

Strickland didn’t mind taking the loss, because the ensuing 2-on-1 beatdown gave him a chance to end Dustin’s career. He carved up Dustin’s head with a chain while Parker wiped out skidmark security and pulled out a cinder block. They set up Dustin’s head for the top rope stomp onto the cinder block, but that’s when Keith Lee showed up with new hair to stop Mogul Affiliates in their tracks:

The commentators explained that it must have been Keith Lee who took out Trench.

AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view is coming up on Mar. 5, so it’s possible that Lee will get his hands on Swerve in an official match sooner rather than later.

What did you think of Keith Lee’s return to AEW, Cagesiders?

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