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Thunder Rosa on her new roles at AEW, not being the same person she was when she left

Thunder Rosa’s Twitter

Earlier this week, Thunder Rosa confirmed reports that she’ll be doing Spanish-language commentary for AEW while she continues rehabilitating her injured back. The former Women’s champion also mentioned other “on-screen roles”.

Today (Feb. 17), during one of her usual appearances on Busted Open, Rosa talked about challenge of announcing show and how she’s approaching the new gig:

“Doing commentary, and I’ve said this before, it’s not an easy task. One, we are, many times translating live some of the action that is happening. If someone cuts a promo, we have to translate ‘like that.’ As you can imagine, your brain is on overload, and you have the music and the people, and everything. It’s not an easy task.

“I’m super excited that the company was able to give me another platform to develop the other skills that I have. I have excellent reviews, I’m working on it even more. I felt that it was a need for me to start taking broadcasting classes because I’m doing this more and I want to get better. I have to be a champion on this and be the best that I can be.”

She also revealed that one of her other jobs will be doing media appearances on AEW’s behalf:

“The other aspect that I’m doing with AEW is doing a lot of interviews to promote the show. It’s important to get the word out of AEW. We want more eyes on the show and it’s important for us to be more successful.”

Rosa also spoke about her recovery, and in the process perhaps indirectly touched on reports that she & AEW are aiming for a fresh start after all the past drama between the 36 year old from Tijuana & other members of the women’s roster:

“I want to make sure that when I return to the ring, I’m ready mentally and physically. I want to give the best show that I can and the new Thunder Rosa is coming. I’m focusing on myself and what I need to do when I return. When I come back, everyone will know that I’m coming back. Every setback is an opportunity to work on things you don’t work on. I’m doing my homework now. The same person that left seven months ago can’t come back.”

H/T Fightful for transcription

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