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The Impractical Jokers were mugged and put through a table by Chris Jericho’s thugs

The latest season of Impractical Jokers premiered this week, so Brian Quinn & James Murray decided to get the word out on their television show by showing up in AEW and stealing Chris Jericho’s baseball bat.

It didn’t end well for them, of course.

On tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode of AEW Rampage, the jokers brought out Jericho’s bat and made fun of it for being so small. They tried to get a “small bat” chant started in the live audience.

Chris Jericho confronted them to say he has big balls. He then brought out the rest of Jericho Appreciation Society to mug these poor saps and take back his property. It all culminated with the Impractical Jokers being Hager-bombed through a table.

Let’s hope this is one Jericho Appreciation Society angle that doesn’t drag on for the next six months.

Which TV or movie stars will be the next ones to get their asses kicked in AEW, Cagesiders?

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