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Please let this Danhausen Dynamite commercial be real

After becoming the top-merch seller for AEW in 2022, Danhausen had a list of demands to maximize his power. One of those demands was a greater presence in AEW marketing avenues, such as billboards and commercials.

Lo and behold, Danhausen tweeted video of a new commercial tease for Dynamite. I can’t tell if this is a real commercial to air on TBS, but I sure hope it is.

Love that Danhausen. On top of merchandise and commercials, Danhausen’s profile is reaching the masses with stories published by The New York Times. Now, I’m just waiting for TNT to resurrect MonsterVision for Danhausen to host.

AEW is back to feeding the golden goose of Danhausen as a merchandise machine with limited edition Micro Brawlers.

A new Crypthausen t-shirt is also in the mix.

When ordering the shirt, make sure you adjust for increased size after taking Danhausen’s Muscle Dust from BTI Sports.

The world is coming up Danhausen.

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