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MJF was taken out by the Devil, who might be... Hangman Page?

Samoa Joe vowed to keep Maxwell Jacob Friedman safe until he gets his World title shot at Worlds End. It was why Joe was so upset when MJF agreed to a proposition from the masked Devil who’s been tormenting the champ, setting them up to “face the unknown” in a tag match on the Dec. 6 Dynamite.

Before their match, Joe had to interject in a heated backstage exchange between Max and the returning Hangman Page. After each man took a variety of verbal shots at one another, they also both accused the other of being the Devil. When things almost got physical, Joe stepped in.

He didn’t stay glued to MJF though, and that proved to be a mistake. With Joe in the ring waiting for Friedman to enter, the lights went out in Montreal’s Bell Centre. He found himself surrounded by the Devil’s masked goons, but then it got dark in the arena again. When the lights came up this time, Joe was again alone... but the Devil was on the big screen, and he had footage to show of MJF laid out backstage.

Max seemed to have been taken out by a beer bottle, and Hangman does like a tall cold one. So we’re no closer to identifying MJF’s tormentor, and a new suspect has entered the chat.

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