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The field of possible Continental Classic winners thins ahead of a huge Gold League showdown

The Continental Classic continued on the Dec. 6 Dynamite from Montreal, serving up three matches in the Gold League.

First up was League co-leader Jon Moxley vs. RUSH. Both of these men were banged up in their matches last Wednesday, but injuries weren’t a huge factor in this one. It was more the new punishment they could inflict on one another. Mox & RUSH brawled outside the ring and into the seats, forcing referee Paul Turner to go deep into the 20 count on multiple occasions.

Another theme of the match was El Toro Blanco’s cockiness, and it played into the finish. Mox cut off a Bull’s Horns attempt with a King Kong Lariat, then hit Death Rider. RUSH kicked out of that, but eventually passed out in a choke hold.

Mark Briscoe and Swerve Strickland were up next, and even though this is a round robin tournament this was basically an elimination match for Briscoe. Having already lost to Moxley, if he left tonight with zero points there’d be no way he could catch up to Mox (and the same scenario would apply with regards to Strickland after a loss tonight, too). A few times it seemed like the Sussex County Chicken had it won a few times, and his frustration showed after each Swerve kick out.

He was certainly crestfallen when Strickland countered a Froggy Bow, leading to his being pinned after a Swerve Stomp and being mathmatically elimated from The C2 (he’ll still compete in the rest of the tournament despite the fact he can no longer win).

Jay Lethal found himself in a similar predicament in the final C2 bout of the night. With losses to Mox & Swerve already on his record, he couldn’t afford to have zero after facing Jay White. He started strong and fought like hell, and seemed to have the crowd in his corner... although it was hard to tell who the Quebec crowd was supporting with “Let’s go Jay”.

It gives us the following standings:

Gold League

Jon Moxley (3-0-0): 9 points
Swerve Strickland (3-0-0): 9
Jay White (2-1-0): 6
RUSH (1-2-0): 3
Mark Briscoe (0-3-0): 0*
Jay Lethal (0-3-0): 0*

Blue League

Brody King (2-0-0): 6 points
Andrade El Idolo (1-0-0): 3
Bryan Danielson (1-0-0):3
Claudio Castagnoli (1-1-0): 3
Eddie Kingston (0-2-0): 0
Daniel Garcia (0-2-0): 0

* Will continue, but mathematically eliminated and can not advance past the round robin stage.

The Gold League is back in action on the Dec. 13 Dynamite with a huge showdown between the co-leaders as one of two matches:

  • Jon Moxley (9 points) vs. Swerve Strickland (9 points)
  • RUSH (3 points) vs. Jay Lethal (0 points)

This Friday’s Rampage will feature a Blue League match, the first C2 clash on that show:

  • Bryan Danielson (3 points) vs. Daniel Garcia (3 points)

The American Dragon will then wrestle again as one of two Blue League bouts on this Saturday’s Collision (which was taped yesterday — SPOILERS are here):

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade El Idolo (3 points)
  • Eddie Kingston (0 points) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (3 points)

Let us know how AEW’s first attempt at this style of tournament is working for you thus far in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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