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AEW Continental Classic standings week 2: Bryan Danielson’s meditation lesson in mental toughness

AEW continued with the inaugural Continental Classic for week 2. Let’s check the standings and peak at a handful of promos from the participants heading into week 3.

Week 2 results:
Gold League: Jon Moxley defeated Jay Lethal
Gold League: Rush defeated Mark Briscoe
Gold League: Swerve Strickland defeated Jay White
Blue League: Brody King defeated Claudio Castagnoli
Blue League: Andrade defeated Daniel Garcia
Blue League: Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston

Rules dictate 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The winners of the two leagues meet in the finale at the Worlds End PPV on December 30.

Gold League
Swerve Strickland - 6 points
Jon Moxley - 6 points
Jay White - 3 points
Rush - 3 points
Jay Lethal - 0 points
Mark Briscoe - 0 points

Blue League
Brody King - 6 points
Claudio Castagnoli - 3 points
Andrade - 3 points
Bryan Danielson - 3 points
Daniel Garcia - 0 points
Eddie Kingston - 0 points

The cream is rising to the top of the Gold League setting up a major showdown between Swerve and Moxley. Swerve held his head high addressing his win over White. Blocking the low blow demonstrated that Swerve is a master scientist of this game. He is taking lessons learned and carrying them forward, such as the scars from the Texas Death Match against Hangman Page and losing the Coffin Match at the hands of Sting.

Moxley is feeling the grind on his body. He is sick of the pain, but he’ll push through by wrestling his way out of it. Mox will put every ounce of will into winning the tournament. This is a classic Moxley promo putting over the value of the Continental Classic.

Lethal has yet to earn any points, but Jeff Jarrett is hatching a plan to help. Even though all Lethal’s friends are banned from ringside, Double J pointed out that the numbers game is fair for the other 23 hours in the day. It sounds like a pre-match ambush is in the works.

Over in the Blue League, Danielson won his first match after sitting out week 1. The American Dragon savored his triumph over Kingston with a meditation session. Danielson offered a teachable moment. Kingston is tough physically but not mentally. You need both in this world. Lacking mental toughness is an open door for excuses. Kingston said he would be humble in victory and humble in defeat. Danielson views that attitude as Kingston setting himself up for failure. Danielson was firm in his belief that he will not be defeated. There is not a man in the tournament who is tougher mentally or physically than him. This is a master promo from Danielson using range of emotion to demand full attention. Not to mention, he comes across like a total badass.

Kingston was steadfast in his personal growth. Despite the 0-2 hole, he’s not going back into self-destructive ways. Kingston is going to use Danielson’s disrespect as motivation to beat the dog shit out of Claudio. Fantastic promo. This is the kind of go-getter attitude I enjoy from a character like Kingston. Leave the negativity behind, and move forward with passion to achieve success.

Week 3 schedule:
Gold League: Swerve Strickland vs. Mark Briscoe
Gold League: Jon Moxley vs. Rush
Gold League: Jay White vs. Jay Lethal
Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade
Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston

Brody King and Daniel Garcia are not booked to wrestle this week. The scattered schedule of the Blue League has not been explained. For the two Blue matches, results are available for spoilers since Collision was taped Tuesday night. Reminder not to discuss spoilers in the comments, please.

Share your predictions for week 3 of the Continental Classic. What’s your reaction to the various promos?

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