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Good news from Sammy Guevara & family

AEW’s Sammy Guevara has been out of action since suffering a concussion at the company’s Oct. 1 WrestleDream PPV. But in a quick vlog update posted today (Dec. 5), Guevara confirms that he’s cleared to return to action:

“I’m doing good. I’m cleared. If it was gonna happen, it kind of happens at the best time.”

That last sentence covers the fact Guevara hasn’t just been recovering while he’s been sidelined. The time off meant he was around to support his wife Tay Melo as she dealt with the final month of pregnancy and gave birth to their first child, Luna. In the vlog (posted above) she says pregnancy was “really hard,” even before she spent 24 hours in labor last week.

Thankfully, like Sammy’s brain injury, that’s now in the rearview as they start their life as a three-person team. As Guevara says in closing:

“We just wanted to get on here to tell you that Tay’s doing good, baby’s doing good, I’m doing good.”

No word yet on when Sammy or Tay will return to the ring. They have their hands full outside it anyway.

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