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Samoa Joe plans to trash the current AEW title belt

Samoa Joe looks to be a breath of fresh air in All Elite Wrestling after winning the World Championship from MJF at Worlds End. As the new champ aims to revitalize the focus on AEW’s in-ring action, fans can expect other changes under Joe’s administration.

One of the first things to go will be MJF’s custom version of AEW’s top title. Anyone who was a fan of the Big Burberry Belt, aka the Triple B, can kiss that belt goodbye.

“Oh, this is going in the garbage,” said Joe at the Worlds End media scrum. “Don’t worry about that. I mean, this trash right here, this little knockoff BS Gucci stuff that he got going on, is going away. We getting the good belt, the right belt, something that’s designed well.”

As a new championship belt or possible return to its previous design appears to be coming soon, Samoa Joe is ready to dole out beatings to all who come after him. As he prepares to “elevate the title” to his status, he says anyone is welcome to come and get it — anytime, anywhere.

“I’ll whip Hangman Adam Page’s ass any day of the damn week. Swerve (Strickland) can get it,” Joe said. “You know, a lot of loud mouths, a lot of dudes talking a lot of stuff. Hey, y’all can do that stuff on Twitter. Come bring that shit to my face, man, see what happens. That’s the funny part. Everybody starting fights around here, but nobody ever starts a fight with me. Come fight me.”

When it comes to mixing it up and getting nasty in the ring, Samoa Joe has never backed down or appeared timid when facing the best in the world. Whether it was Kenta Kobashi in Ring of Honor, Kurt Angle in TNA, or Brock Lesnar in WWE, Joe is a man who’s shown that he can take punishment as well as he can dish it out.

And for those who look to oppose him, they better be ready to bring their absolute best and then some.

“I’m going to be that champion when people say, ‘Have you seen the AEW World Champion,’ they’re going to know they’re talking about the baddest, most dangerous man in this industry,” Joe said.

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