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Tony Khan says he’s ‘open to doing’ AEW women’s tag team titles

Back in late 2022, we were wondering openly about AEW possibly setting up to bring in women’s tag team titles. The division at the time was certainly deep enough to warrant as much, and Tony Khan had made comments previously about having championship titles made up that we might not expect.

Just a few months after that, Saraya was publicly calling for as much:

Now, after the final show of 2023, Khan, while sitting with TBS champion Julia Hart, told media he’s open to the idea of actually going ahead with it:

‘‘It’s something I think would be great. We have shown we can expand our programming and certainly there’s been some of the best matches and exciting rivalries we’ve ever had in the women’s division just in the recent few weeks and months. Julia Hart as the TBS champion has been at the epicenter of that, a huge, huge part of it. So, absolutely, I think that would be tremendous, and it’s something I’m very open to doing. I think it would be great. There are a lot of great tandems, some that are active right now, they could be great for that, and there are also some that haven’t teamed in a while that could be great for that. ... I do think there’s a lot of great opportunities there and it’s something, certainly, to keep an eye on.”

We’ll see what 2024 brings.

Like the idea, though?

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