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Serena Deeb is ‘ready to return’ to AEW

She said as much in a vignette that aired on the Worlds End ‘Zero Hour’ pre-show.

Serena Deeb has been out of action since November of last year. For months he absence was a mystery, with conflicting reports about why she hadn’t appeared for either AEW or Ring of Honor.

But last month she shared on Instagram that a series of seizures caused her to step away and seek answers to what she was experiencing. Deeb was able to get treatment that would allow her to return to the ring.

And on the pre-show before Dec. 30’s Worlds End PPV, AEW aired a vignette announcing that Serena would soon do just that.

No word on when exactly the veteran will be back in the ring. Prior to her time away from the ring, Deeb had been a part of AEW’s Women’s World and TBS title scenes. We’ll see if she jumps back into the championship picture, but whatever she does it will be in her previous gimmick as “The Professor” and “The Woman of 1,000 Holds”.


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