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AEW Worlds End results: Christian ends Adam Copeland’s brief TNT title reign

Since debuting for the company at WrestleDream in early October, Adam Copeland has been focused on his former tag partner — and now former friend — Christian Cage. First he wanted to team up with the man who calls himself The Patriarch of AEW. But after Cage profanely rejected a reunion, he and the star formerly known as Edge have escalated their war with one another... leading to a No Disqualification match for Christian’s TNT title at Worlds End tonight (Dec. 30).

Cage was with his “family”, but the presence of the Prodigy Nick Wayne and the Matriarch Shayna Wayne (who cost Copeland the title in his first TNT championship tilt with Christian earlier this month on Dynamite) didn’t make a difference when the Rated R Superstar took the fight to Cage before he could even make it to the ring. Fighting outside the ropes served Cope well, as the Long Island crowd went wild for big spots in the stands like this leap:

It was back in the ring where Christian took control, sidestepping a spear so his foe crashed headfirst into the ring post. Weapons came out as the Waynes gleefully watched Cage pick apart Copeland, with a target painted on the WWE Hall of Famer’s surgically repaired neck.

A counter gave Cope a chance to use plunder to inflict punishment too, and an opening to get the weapon E & C are still associated with — the ladder. They battled on and around, with Cage eventually delivering a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall.

With chairs and ladders out of the way, it was time for Christian to get the table. Wayne slid his “father” a chair for a low blow, but it just delayed the inevitable. Moments later, Copeland speared Cage through a table.

Shayna pulled the referee out before he could count three, and her son followed up with a belt shot and a Wayne’s World on Cope. A follow-up Killswitch didn’t get three, so Nick and his “dad” doused a table in lighter fluid and set it on fire. The Rated R Superstar fought off an attack that would have put him through it, relit the table, and put Wayne through it (mostly... he overshot it a bit, but better safe than sorry).

A lowblow and a Killswitch from Copeland did end things, and we had a new TNT champ!

And then moments later we has another. On the “Zero Hour” pre-show, Killswitch (the former Luchasaurus, not the move) won a battle royal for an anytime, anywhere TNT title shot. And he used it, lariating Cope from behind as he was celebrating and then chokeslamming him onto a chair.

The big man went to hand referee Paul Turner his contract, but Christian insisted he give it to him instead. The dinosaur man was torn, but eventually did give it to Cage and left the ring. The Patriarch signed it over to himself, Turner called for the bell, and a spear put the belt back around Christian’s waist.

A fun twist... and certainly not the end.

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