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AEW Worlds End results: CJ Perry picks her husband over her client

In the hours leading up to tonight’s World End PPV, reports came out that the show from Long Island could include Andrade El Ídolo’s last AEW match before returning to WWE. The news added intrigue to the Mexican star’s match with Miro.

Andrade was accompanied to the ring by his manager, Miro’s wife CJ Perry, making her first appearance since being released from the hospital after surgery for a nasty finger infection. She was a focal point early in the match as her tried to fire up her client, after her husband’s attack at the bell allowed him to dominate the early action.

Whether it was her motivation or not (and we’re guessing not, since Perry spent as much time arguing with Miro as she did encouraging El Ídolo), Andrade fought his way back into the match. He even had The Redeemer on the verge of tapping out... until CJ got involved to break the hold.

Shortly after that, Andrade tapped to Game Over.

There wasn’t much story advancement afterwards, and the camera didn’t dwell on Andrade. It felt like a quick wrap-up to his alliance with Perry, and quite likely his run with Tony Khan’s company.

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