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Wardlow denies he’s The Devil or a goon

Furthermore, he says he won’t even be in the country during AEW’s Worlds End PPV. But isn’t that what The Devil or on his goons would say?

Ever since returning to AEW television back in October, Wardlow’s been doing two things:

  1. Promising to take everything away from Maxwell Jacob Friedman.
  2. Powerbombing enhancement talent into oblivion.

That first thing has made him a suspect in the ongoing mystery of The Devil and his goons. Wardlow became a prime goon suspect when Hangman Page was taken out a few weeks back and one of the masked henchmen was a big fella... just like the three-time TNT champion.

But with his boss Tony Khan promising revelations in the storyline tonight (Dec. 30) at AEW’s Worlds End PPV on Long Island, Wardlow is telling us he’s got nothing to do with The Devil or his crew. He posted an Instagram Story which read:

Not the devil. Not a goon. On vacation, will watch Worlds End from London. So stop asking.

He’s since posted a few pictures from England to his Story to back-up his story.

Are you buying it? Or do you think this is just a case of a worker working to throw us off the scent before the show?

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