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AEW Worlds End results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sat., Dec. 30, 2023) with their new Worlds End PPV. The latest edition to the AEW calendar comes our way from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York at 8pm ET.

A Zero Hour pre-show will stream live and free starting at 6:30pm Eastern on All Elite’s YouTube channel, Bleacher Report, and right here at Cageside Seats.

In the U.S., the main card can be purchased on Bleacher Report (and traditional PPV). Internationally, it’s available on Triller TV.

We’ll have predictions from the staff for every match here, and a preview for the entire show here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Worlds End below, beginning with the first match of the night and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Can’t forget his face, what a lonely place, has he really let us go? All the time that’s lost, what’s the final cost, will I really get away? All my life it seems, just a crazy dream, reaching to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Kris Statlander vs. Willow Nightingale

Back and forth early, Statlander blocks the Doctor Bomb, back elbow, standing somersault senton, only two! Scoop and a slam, Kris grabs a bodyscissors to try and grind her down! Whip across, cartwheel denial, Nightingale with an enzuigiri, hip check into a lariat, Stat sidesteps a boot and hits a back suplex for two!

Clubbing blows to the back, trading shoulder blocks, both women down and out! Willow with some kicks, big spinebuster, folding press... NOPE! Trading suplexes in the middle of the ring, inside cradle for two! Statlander with elbows, running boot in the corner, sit-out gourdbuster... STILL NO!

Fireman’s carry, float out, electric chair, into the facebuster! Kris off the ropes, Willow criss-crosses and pounces her and the straps are down! Cannonball senton in the corner, Death Valley Driver... KRIS STAT KICKS OUT! Statlander with a couple of kicks but she can’t keep Nightingale down!

Apron powerbomb sets up a dropkick but still Kris kicks out! Stat gets her up for Saturday Night Fever, reversed, Willow with a roundhouse kick, rolling elbow gets an enzuigiri gets a discus lariat! Willow takes her out with a lariat, Statlander slips out of the Doctor Bomb, second try she can’t get her up, third try countered... NOT ENOUGH!

One more try...

Willow Nightingale wins by pinfall with the Doctor Bomb.

AEW TNT Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

Everyone coming together to bury Killswitch and Lance Archer out the gates to try and keep them out of the match. Serpentico gets eliminated, the usual desultory brawling, Dalton Castle out next. Johnny TV avoiding elimination at first but Danhausen takes him out! Lee Johnson over the top but he’s hanging in there until Kip Sabian gives him a shove and eliminates him!

John Silver and Alex Reynolds working Angelo Parker over and they eliminate him! Beavers into it with Butcher and the Blade, Reynolds suplexed over the top and eliminated by Kip Sabian! Silver suplexes both Sabian and Blade, boot to the back of his head, Butcher comes over and eliminates him!

Kip sent to the apron and eliminated by Bryan Keith! Danhausen blasts him with a boot, the Bounty Hunter roars to his feet and refuses to be cursed! Elbow from Blade, Bryan headbutts him, tries to eliminate him and Butcher comes over for the block! Keith with a wicked Saito suplex on the big man, running knee follows!

Underhooks, Butcher reverses, dumps Keith on the turnbuckles and Blade eliminates him with a boot! Lance Archer, still legal, rises to his feet and gets in the ring! Attacking everybody, Daddy Magic tries to confront him, stomping his foot, laying chops in, Menard off the ropes but he gets run over and eliminated!

A rising knee eliminates Christopher Daniels, Archer’s reign of terror continues and Action Andretti stands up to him and hydrates in his face! He and Darius Martin work together, taking the big man off-balance! Double chokeslam, now Killswitch is in the ring and the big men face off and dump Andretti and Martin together! Blade gets eliminated, Butcher right after him!

Lance nails Killswitch with a boot, it’s down to the two big men, Danhausen, and Trent Beretta! Danhausen tries to German suplex Archer but fails and Trent has to bail him out with superkicks and they eliminate the Murderhawk Monster together! Snap zoom Best Friends hug, Trent eliminates Danhausen after!

Beretta turns to face Killswitch, blasted with a boot, low-bridge, big man hanging in there, Trent rushes over dragged to the apron, squaring up, rising knee, jockeying for position...

Killswitch wins, last eliminating Trent Beretta to become #1 contender to the AEW TNT Championship.

Wheeler YUTA makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says HOOK has been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, but look at this shithole where he’s from! Is there a single redeeming quality about Long Island? Nobody in New York even likes you!

YUTA is interrupted by a cacophony of horns and HOOK’s entrance.

HOOK (c) vs. Wheeler YUTA (FTW Championship)

HOOK backing him up with body blows, YUTA turns him around, the champion ducks a haymaker and presses the attack! Body blows get a knee, chop connects this time, right hands, HOOK blocks and throws his own back! Headbutt in the corner, big hip toss and Wheeler falls to the floor!

Shot to the eye, throwing a trash can in the ring but HOOK cuts him off and follows him back to the floor. Right hands, back body drop on the ramp! Fighting back towards ringside, YUTA cracks a trash can lid across HOOK’s head! Working him over on the floor, stepping on his neck, throwing him into the announce desk but HOOK explodes on him with a lariat!

Back inside, Wheeler with an Olympic Slam, cover... NOPE! Smashing a stop sign into the champions back, YUTA pulls one trash can out of another, senton on the sign, cover for two. HOOK fighting his way back into it, straight suplex into lariats, bridging northern lights suplex... NOT ENOUGH!

Trading German suplexes, double lariats and both men are down and out! Bridging fisherman suplex from YUTA gets two, smashing him with the trash can, knee lifts, HOOK traps him... TAZPLEX INTO A TRASH CAN IN THE CORNER! Cover for two, looking for Redrum, YUTA counters with a senton into a trash can!

YUTA gets a two by four, HOOK gets a hockey stick and trips him up, snapping the stick! He whips Wheeler with the broken stick and uses a part of it to put Redrum in....

HOOK wins by submission with a hockey stick-assisted Redrum, retaining the FTW Championship.

The show opens with the usual video package summing our top feuds up.

Brody King, Jay Lethal, “Switchblade” Jay White, & Rush vs. “Red Death” Daniel Garcia, Mark Briscoe, & Team Uppercut (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli)

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard is on commentary for this one.

Working through the matchups like any good filler tag on the undercard of a round robin finals, some tension in the air when we get to Danielson and White circling, collar and elbow, into the corner, Bryan ducks a chop and takes him down for the LeBell Lock but he gets a foot in the ropes!

Chops in the corner, Jay in control, whip reversed, running corner dropkicks! Garcia tags in, King as well, Brody running hot on him, to the floor, jawing at Menard as he brutalizes his son! Choking Daniel, quick tags and they keep working Red Death over. Garcia trying to get fired up, and soon enough Mark Briscoe’s pinballing around with Redneck Kung Fu!

Fisherman buster on White... NOPE! Up in the turnbuckles, Briscoe knocks Lethal down, jockeying for position, superplex from Jay! Castagnoli tags in, squaring up with King, toe-to-toe clubbing each other with lariats! Claudio taking the advantage, Brody reverses a suplex, Castagnoli floats over, lands a boot, vertical suplex but Rush breaks it up!

The match breaks down, Claudio with the Giant Swing on King! Switchblade breaks it up, Danielson pulls him to the floor and throws him into the barricade, Garcia is open and Claudio tags him in! He and Lethal tee off on each other, Lethal Combination sets up a figure four leglock but the match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory!

Big Saito suplex from Garcia, sidestep Lethal Injection...

Daniel Garcia, Mark Briscoe, & Team Uppercut win by pinfall with a jackknife pin from Garcia on Jay Lethal.

Post-match, Sonjay Dutt gives Jay Lethal a pep talk on his way to the back and Garcia stands slightly at odds with his teammates.

Andrade el Idolo vs. Miro

Miro hot out the gates, overhead elbows, kicks to the spine, Andrade fighting back and he gets some breathing room only to get a dive cut off with a huge right hand from the Redeemer! Back inside, Andrade looking for a figure four leglock, kicked off, CJ Perry jawing at Miro as he grabs a reverse chinlock on el Idolo.

Catching him in a Bossman Slam to follow, to the floor, dropping him into the announce desk, Miro breaks the count, Andrade throws him over the table when he returns to the floor! Back inside, both men down, trading right hands from their knees and to their feet, whip reversed, Miro back body drops him to the apron but Andrade lights him right up with a dragon screw!

Diving crossbody, roll through, flying forearm, el Idolo fighting back into it! Miro down and out in the corner but he rolls to the floor, where Andrade nails him with an Orihara moonsault! Posturing with CJ, double jump moonsault, cover for two! Miro coming back, calling for Game Over, cranking it back, Perry barking orders to her man and he breaks free and gets the ropes!

Back elbow connects... MIRO KICKS OUT! Figure four leglock applied, falling back, the Redeemer rolls over and reverses the pressure! Andrade rolls back over and bridges up into the Figure Eight but CJ interferes and cuts him off! El Idolo confused, he turns around, Machka Kick... SO CLOSE!

Perry wearing her best poker face, Game Over applied in the middle of the ring...

Miro wins by submission with Game Over.

Post-match, CJ blows the Redeemer kisses while he grimaces.

Riho vs. Toni Storm (c) (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, into the ropes, Toni breaks clean with headpats. Whip across, bodyslam, Matrix evasion from the challenger! Storm dead weight on a bodyslam, whip across, dropkick, dropkick, rising knee sets up a bulldog for one! Luther running interference, catching a dive and he passes Riho off to Toni for a bodyslam on the floor!

Back inside, cover for two, putting boots to the challenger, Riho with a snap small package for a nearfall of her own! Rear chinlock applied, Riho fights away but her back gives out! Chokebomb, cover for two! Giant steps, half-crab applied! Sending Riho crashing to the floor, she returns and Toni puts her right back in the half-crab!

Riho struggling, tijeras, Tiger feint kick, diving crossbody for some breathing room! Short bodyslam, cover for two! Hard Dragon suplex, folding press, cover for two! Toni charging in, Riho slips out, but Storm capitalizes, piledriver... STILL NO! Side press from Riho, sliding knees... TONI IN THE ROPES!

Hip toss...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall by dropping a hip toss into a DDT, retaining the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Post-match, Mariah May comes to the ring with a bucket of rose petals and showers Toni in them!

Excalibur takes a moment to eulogize both Killer Khan and Kurtis Chapman, sadly lost in recent deays.

Dante Martin is interviewed backstage.

He says getting injured set him back on his path to a championship here in AEW, and Orange Cassidy rolls up to give him a title shot on Dynamite.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Strickland taking it to Rhodes on the floor, leaving him lying and referees and medics help Dustin to the back but he turns around on the ramp and he wants to fight!

We get a bell and Shane blasts him with a boot immediately! Choking him in the ropes, kneeling on the injured foot, kicking it in the ropes, and so on! Up top, Dustin knocks him back with a headbutt, trying to perch, he gets his feet under him just long enough for a diving crossbody for two!

Drop down uppercut, right hands in the corner, leg kick, chop, flip piledriver into a snap scoop powerslam but Swerve kicks out! Rhodes setting him up for Shattered Dreams, Prince Nana running interference and it just gets Swerve kicked in the gentleman’s area! Dustin snaps off a piledriver, Cross Rhodes spikes him... NOPE!

Hamstring kicks from the Natural, spinning toehold, Shane kicks him aside, rolling thunder jumping reverse STO! Torture half-crab applied, Rhodes defiant, spitting and flipping the bird and Strickland blasts him with House Call! Another House Call! Up top...

Shane Strickland wins by pinfall with the Swerve Stomp.

“Big” Bill Morrissey, Don Callis Family (Konosuke Takeshita & “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs), & “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Darby Allin, Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara), & Sting

Guevara and Takeshita to start, Konosuke drops him with a headbutt, tag to Jericho. Takeshita takes him out with a lariat, tag to Starks, the tag champs working Chris over. Allin tags in and ends up in the same position and Morrissey and Hobbs throw him out like a sack of old garbage!

Takeshita keeping Darby from tagging out, but he outfoxes him and brings Sting into the match! The Icon dropping everybody left and right with punches, Stinger Splashes, double lariats! He crotches Big Bill and shakes the ropes under him, clawing at his face!

Stereo Stinger Splashes from Sting himself and Jericho, beating their chests, Rick with the rope-walk brain chop on the veteran! Whip across, Sting dumps him and puts boots to him in the corner! Sammy tags in, Rick blocks an Ace Crusher, second try and Guevara gets it but Bill breaks it up!

Sam with chops and forearms on Morrissey, off the ropes, he gets caught by the Bossman Slam! Big Bill fired up, Jericho runs in and takse the bullet for his pal, mounted punches, whip to the corner, boot up! Missile dropkick from Y2J, Hobbs cuts him off with a spinebuster!

Allin cuts him off with a backsplash, float over, inverted DDT connects! Takeshita destroys Darby with a German suplex! Sammy slides in, waistlock, standing switch, double German suplex on both Guevara and Allin! Off the ropes, Sting clobbers him sidestep the knee, pick the legs, Scorpion Deathlock!

Don Callis runs in, the Icon breaks the hold, Jericho gets Powerhouse in the Walls of Jericho, Sting pulls Konosuke back up, right hand, Scorpion Deathlock in the middle of the ring, Starks comes in and breaks both holds up! Morrissey blasts Sting with a boot, throws Darby in the corner, Starks with big nearfalls and he looks at the camera like he’s doing an “It’s a living” take to the audience.

Roshambo blocked, superkick, GTH connects, off the top...

Darby Allin, Le Sex Gods, & Sting win by pinfall with a shooting star press from Sammy Guevara on “Absolute” Ricky Starks.

Abadon vs. Julia Hart (c) (AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match)

Abadon’s chosen House Rule is that biting is legal.

Hart keeping her distance, Abadon with an early Ace Crusher, corner lariats, hammering away at the champion! Charging in, Julia sidesteps but Abadon gets her with a Bossman Slam for two! Mounted punches, rolling them over, smashing Abadon’s head into the mat over and over!

Julia with rights and lefts, off the ropes, crossbody, crucifix pin but Abadon kicks out! Trading right hands, stereo goozles, Hart with a Nodowa Otoshi out of it! Mounted punches, action to the floor, choking Abadon in the ropes, but they duck the crescent kick and yank the champion jaw-first into the top rope!

Hart with a wild haymaker to put Abadon into position for a kneeling surfboard! Abadon biting her to turn the tide, fired up, big lariats, spin-out back elbow, double knees in the corner! Codebreaker connects, only a nearfall! Up in the turnbuckles, jockeying for position, Hart with a superplex... NOPE!

A lariat sets up Hartless, reversed to a pin for two! Abadon goes-behind, catches her, Bossman Slam, up top, fighting in the turnbuckles, biting in the turnbuckles! Skye Blue runs interference, Abadon fights her off, Julia cuts her off on the floor, laying her out in the ring, up top and perching...

Julia Hart wins by pinfall with a moonsault, retaining the AEW TBS Championship.

Adam Copeland vs. Christian Cage (c) (AEW TNT Championship No Disqualification Match)

Copeland wasting no time, beating Cage down on the stage and down the ramp, blasting his best friend with boots and throwing him into the barricade! In the ring, choking him with his t-shirt, mounted punches, back to the floor, Christian powers up but Adam cuts him off and throws him right into the steel steps!

Grinding his face into the diamond plate, Cage barely ducks a stomp and tries to leave through the crowd! Way up in the stage, Copeland perches on a balcony... PLANCHA OFF A BALCONY! Back to ringside, Adam staying in control, mounted punches in the corner, charging in but Christian sidesteps and he goes into the post and crashes to the floor!

Cage stomps Copeland’s head in on the steel steps! Back inside, fait accompli... ADAM KICKS OUT! Stomps to his best friend’s neck, Copeland starry-eyed and struggling to get hismelf together, bloodied at the orbital, and Cage gets some kendo sticks out from under the ring!

Kendo stick to the spine, choking Adam in the ropes, stabbing him in the neck with the uncapped point of the stick! Nick Wayne throwing chairs in the ring for his adoptive father, Christian opens one and steps on it on Copeland’s surgically repaired neck! Boston Crab seated on the chair for maximum violence! Metal crossbar from a chair in hand, he swings but Adam ducks and hits the Edge-O-Matic!

Sitting on Cage’s back, he cracks a kendo stick on his cranium! Kendo stick shot after kendo stick shot, arm-trap crossface applied in the middle of the ring! Copeland goes under the ring and gets a ladder out and slides it into the ring, bridging it in the ropes in the corner! Throwing Christian under it, he catapults him into it as Shanna Wayne looks on in concern!

Cage gets a desperate kendo stick shot, the inverted DDT follows, he climbs the now set-up ladder and Copeland climbs to meet him! Trading haymakers... CHRISTIAN CAGE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER! Christian and Nick get some tables out from under the ring and set them up on the floor!

Jockeying for position over the ropes, Adam off the ropes, Cage ducks him and Copeland follows after with a kendo stick! Chairshot follows it, back inside, he’s got Christian down on a chair and he’s thinking Con-Chair-To! Picking up the second chair, surveying the crowd, brow busted and gnarly, Nick Wayne attacks from behind to block him!

Christian with a low blow, schoolboy... NOPE! He leans a table in the corner, waiting for Adam to rise, Copeland leapfrogs, he stops short but Adam throws a chair at him! Another thrown chair, charging... SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE! Both men down, Cage twitching, Copeland slow to cover... SHANNA WAYNE PULLS REFEREE PAUL TURNER OUT OF THE RING!

Adam stalks after her but Nick clobbers him with the title belt from behind and follows it with Wayne’s World to the floor! Sliding the belt in to his father, sliding Copeland in after it, Christian and Adam back to back, Killswitch... ADAM COPELAND KICKS OUT!



Adam Copeland wins by pinfall with the Killswitch, becoming your new AEW TNT Champion!

Post-match, #1 contender Killswitch appears behind Copeland and drops him with a northern lariat! Goozle... CHOKESLAM AND ADAM’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE MAT! The dinosaur man opens a chair and sets it up... CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE OPENED CHAIR! Apparently it’s an any time anywhere contract for the title and he’s going to cash in!

Christian slides in the ring and demands Killswitch yield the title shot to him! He whispers something in the big man’s ear and he gives it to Cage! Christian hurriedly signs the contract and hands it over to Paul Turner!

Adam Copeland (c) vs. Christian Cage (AEW TNT Championship)

Cage waits for Copeland to get up...

Christian Cage wins by pinfall with a spear, becoming your new AEW TNT Champion.

Post-match, a confused Adam Copeland staggers to his feet and out of the ring.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley (AEW Continental Classic Tournament Finals)

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson is on commentary for this one.

Jawing at each other, circling, Kingston backs off with the crowd chanting his name. Probing kicks, Moxley keeping his distance, closing in, front chancery, waistlock, struggling, drop toehold from Jon, Eddie stays on top of him, rolls over to guard, and referee Bryce Remsburg calls for the break.

Staying on guard briefly, rolling back to his feet, Kingston shrugs off a feint, inside kick, headlock takeover gets a headscissors and they stalemate! Test of strength, head to head, struggling, Moxley goes behind, snapmare, knee lands flush and Jon chooses to back off, his point made.

Snapmare from Eddie, kick to the spine, again making his point. Jawing at each other, trading chops in the middle of the ring! Side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Kingston shrugs one off in return, Jon laying forearms in and Eddie fires back with chops to the neck and the falling Tenryu enzuigiri!

Suicide dive wipes Mox out hard and both men are in a heap on the floor! Back inside, Jon with a German suplex and a baseball slide to take things back to the floor! Underhooks, Paradigm Shift on the floor! Kingston clutching his neck, shaking life back into his hands!

Eddie slides back in on his knees, chest kicks from Jon and he is hurting! Snapmare, Moxley off the ropes, Penalty Kick caught, leg kicks and chops, hard chops in the corner, Jon blocks with his forearm and rakes his nose! Choking Kingston in the ropes, stump piledriver in the middle of the ring... NOPE!

STF applied, Kingston breaks by biting Moxley’s hand! Hammering Jon with chops, trading back and forth, Mox crumbles to one knee! Forehead-to-forehead, Eddie brings the straps down and they keep trading chops as Danielson begs Mox not to play Kingston’s game on commentary!

Flipping him the bird, Eddie chops him even harder and returns the gesture! Chops on chops on chops, ringing out across the arena, stereo lariats, both men fired up, exploder suplex from Kingston! Mox fired up but his knee gives out! Backfist to the Future! Moxley is down but Eddie is slow to cover, catching his breath!

Corner lariat into machine gun chops! More chops, Jon runs away to the next corner but Eddie follows and keeps hammering him with chops! Reverse STO follows and Kingston is feeling it but Moxley drops him with an Ace Crusher! Popping back up, another Backfist to the Future, Jon with the falling lariat, underhooks, reversed, Northern Lights Bomb... MOXLEY KICKS OUT!

Reverse chinlock, wrenching it in, Moxley turns his hips to relieve the pressure before reversing to a choke of his own! Bridging back with the choke, Kingston pivots and Jon shifts to a bodyscissors sleeper hold! Rolling through, Remsburg doing the hand check, Eddie’s hand falls once, twice... HE’S NOT DONE YET!

Back to his feet, Kingston falls to the ropes! Double birds, another Backfist to the Future... MOX KICKS OUT! Eddie back on his feet, another Northern Lights Bomb... STILL NO! Looking for the powerbomb, Jon deadweight, Kawada Kicks get a lariat from Moxley! Both men hurting, forehead-to-forehead, on their knees and to their feet, trading forearms and headbutts!

Eddie swings at the air and falls back! Jon to his feet, beckoning him up, trading hard slaps to the jaw! Slap gets another Backfist to the Future... EDDIE DID IT! EDDIE DID IT!

Eddie Kingston wins by pinfall with Backfist to the Future, retaining the ROH World Championship, the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship, and joining them with the newly created AEW Continental Crown as the winner of the Continental Classic.

Post-match, Bryce presents Eddie with the new Continental Crown and Kingston sets all three belts down and kneels in front of Moxley out of respect. Jon pulls him up and they embrace!

Commentary hypes up our next week of TV.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) vs. Samoa Joe (AEW World Championship)

Adam Cole is at ringside in his crutches for this one.

Circling, Friedman strutting, collar and elbow, into the corner, Max thumbs the eye and backs Joe off into the corner and puts boots to him! Charging in, Samoa gets him with the Rock Bottom and immediately stomps the shoulder! Jabs into the corner, stomps to the shoulder, snapmare and chops to the spine before dropping a leg on the injured arm!

Trapezius claw on the bad arm, MJF fights out, throwing chops, Joe cuts him off with a headbutt to the arm, Manhattan drop, elbow drop and Samoa is feeling it! Whip across, elbow up, enzuigiri in the corner, Joe wants the Muscle Buster but Max slips out! Low bridge sends Samoa to the floor, back inside, small package for two!

Sunset flip, Joe kicks out, schoolboy, same result! Basement superkick, Friedman in aagony but not giving up! Calling for the Kangaroo Kick but Joe counters and catapults him over the ropes! Max braces and tries to skin the cat and Samoa just wrecking balls him to the floor!

Joe off the ropes, wiping him out with a suicide dive! Back inside, drawing MJF up, Death Valley Driver... NOPE! Chaining suplexes together, straitjacket German suplex... FOOT ON THE ROPES! Samoa grabbing him by the shoulder brace, drawing him up on the apron, Max blocks, trading shots... MUSCLE BUSTER ON THE APRON DANGERRRROUS!

Back inside, cover... MJF WON’T STAY DOWN! Paintbrushing Friedman with slaps, setting him up top, looking for another Muscle Buster but Max breaks free and hammers him with headbutts! Up and over, rolling elbow to the back of the head! One-armed, MJF smashes Joe’s face into the turnbuckles over and over again!

Climbing up, overhand strikes in the turnbuckles and he caps it off by biting Samoa’s forehead! Calling for it again, again Joe has the Kangaroo Kick scouted! Samoa on the second rope, Max with a thumb to the eye, fireman’s carry but his shoulder gives out and he collapses!

Charging in, back elbow, Max off the second with a double stomp to the elbow! Shoulder block in desperation sends Joe to the apron, one-armed Heatseeker connects but can’t keep Samoa Joe down! One-armed Max looking to hit another one but Joe blocks! Samoa hosses him over his shoulder, sunset flip and into Salt of the Earth somehow!

Using his wrist tape to try and get some leverage but Bryce warns him off! Samoa with a Fujiwara armbar of his own! Friedman crawling desperate for the ropes and he makes it! Drawing him up by the brace again, Max looking for Salt of the Earth but Joe shifts gears towards the Coquina Clutch! MJF rams him in the corner and referee Bryce Remsburg goes down!

Friedman smiling, he hammers Joe with a low blow, fireman’s carry, trembling, walking to the middle of the ring... AN F-5?! One-armed cover as Bryce recovers... JOE KICKS OUT! MJF goes to Adam Cole for the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Samoa is on him before he can use it! Coquina Clutch, step up, reverse into a pin, Joe slips around, suffocating him, Friedman fading, struggling, kicking desperate for freedom! Bryce checks his hand once, twice...

Samoa Joe wins by referee stoppage with the Coquina Clutch, winning the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, Adam Cole slides into the ring to console his buddy Max, in tears at losing his title in his home of Long Island. They get to their feet and the Devil’s masked goons surround the ring!

They throw the ROH World Tag Team Championship belts into the ring and light on Max! Adam begs them to hit him instead, MJF isn’t having it, and the lights go down!

The lights come up and Adam Cole is seated on a chair and the goons unmask to reveal Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Wardlow! They set him up and Wardlow powerbombs Max! Adam pulls the devil mask out of his pocket and hobbles to his feet, dropping the mask on MJF’s fallen body.

That’s the show, folks.

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