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Eddie Kingston delivers promo of the year contender

Eddie Kingston is an ace of a talker. That is not up for debate. He added another dandy to his promo résumé when reflecting on the victory over Bryan Danielson in the AEW Continental Classic tournament on Dynamite.

Press play, and soak it in. For my money, Kingston delivers a promo of the year contender. His words are better heard than read to absorb the passion.

Kingston: That wasn’t just huge. People don’t understand the mental game of this. I beat someone who I’ve never beaten, a man who’s been a world champion everywhere he’s gone, a man who is respected everywhere, a man, whether I like to admit it or not, I want to be at some point in time in my career. I want people to look at me the way they look at Bryan with nothing but respect.

So, to beat someone like that, a demon, another demon that I had to beat, it’s more than just a win. It’s more than just a win, because it helps me mentally. It helps me with my confidence, because I’m going against another man that someone who I consider my brother, the brother that I chose in Jon Moxley. Another man who I’ve never beaten, ever in my career from the independents to here. He choked me out, made me say, “I quit.”

Bryan calls me a bum, and I took it in. And I tell you I’m the king of the bums My man, when I say that I mean I’m king of the underdogs. I am king of the people who have been beaten down but never stop. Never stop because they are passionate about what they do in their life.

I am passionate about professional wrestling. The only thing that I’ve loved. I told my wife, I told everybody, you will never take the place of pro wrestling. Nobody will. Because this is the only thing that kept me out of trouble. I had a Pro Wrestling NOAH tape. And I got it, and I watched it, and two of my friends got shot at. I could have been there. Professional wrestling legit saved my life.

And on Saturday, the 30th, in the city that I love just as much as pro wrestling, in New York, me and Jon Moxley are going to show the world what the fu.. what the sport, the beautiful sport of pro wrestling, is about. This is not entertainment. This not a game. We don’t dance. We’re not funny. We are going fight, and we’re going to show the world what professional wrestling is. Two men going in there and fighting with passion, with fighting spirit.

And my heroes, Inoki, Baba, Rikidōzan, Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi, Taue, Akiyama, so many more, will look at that match, and they will cry a tear, because we are showing the world what pro wrestling is. And pro wrestling is the strongest mixed martial art there is.

That’s my message. Buy it (AEW Worlds End PPV). I’ll see you then, Mox.

Hot damn, what a promo.

The Continental Classic tournament has rejuvenated Kingston’s spirit and raised his ceiling of potential in AEW. Beating Danielson is indeed huge. There are tons of examples in sports of a player or team finally getting over the hump. Once success is achieved, it gets easier and easier to repeat due to genuine confidence and self-belief.

The focus on the mental aspect of competition is so good. Kingston’s struggle with the psychological side of professional wrestling has been a major part of his character journey through his time in AEW. He often reverted back to the blowhard bully with a surly attitude, but now the change is clear. This is the type of personal growth I’ve been yearning for with his character. There have been flashes little by little, and the progress is coming together to produce results in the ring.

When Kingston pivoted to his love of pro wrestling, the quality of the promo elevated even higher. It’s hard not to root for him with passion like that. On top of that, Kingston sold the hell out of the match against Moxley as a fight worth paying to watch.

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