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Masked goons are ROH Tag champs due to Samoa Joe’s deal with The Devil


For the second time this month, AEW World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the man who’ll challenge him for the belt at Worlds End, Samoa Joe, were scheduled to face The Devil’s masked goons in a tag match on the Dec. 27 AEW Dynamite.

Last time, MJF was taken out backstage before the match could get started. This time, it was Joe who was assaulted before the bell on their Ring of Honor Tag title defense.

Friedman insisted on going ahead with the match anyway, and seemed to have things in hand when he made the logical decision to try to unmask one of his opponents. That took the action to the floor where a third good emerged from under the ring to whack him in his injured shoulder with a steel pipe.

That led to MJF being hit with a Heatseeker, and rope & other goon-assisted pin. The masked men are ROH Tag champs, and Max has failed to keep his promise to Adam Cole to keep those belts until his brochacho returns from his ankle injury. But wait... there’s more.

Joe hobbled his way down to the ring, chasing off a now four-on-one assault from the goons. A message from The Devil appeared on the big screen, reading “Pleasure Doing Business With You”. It was then that Joe snatched the champ up for a Muscle Buster, telling him, “I did this to you!”

It seems, as Tony Schiavone exclaimed, that Joe is in the league with The Devil. But we still don’t know who’s under the mask, except that it seems very unlikely Roderick Strong is right about it being MJF. Will the goons continue to help Joe Saturday at the PPV? Will we hear from Cole in all this?

Stay tuned... if the angle hasn’t jumped the shark for you already.

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