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AEW Continental Classic standings week 5: Jon Moxley is going to teach a special lesson

AEW wrapped up the round-robin stage in week 5 of the inaugural Continental Classic. Let’s check the standings and peak at a handful of promos from the participants heading into the league finals.

Week 5 results
Gold League: Jay White defeated Jon Moxley
Gold League: Swerve Strickland defeated Rush
Gold League: Mark Briscoe defeated Jay Lethal
Blue League: Eddie Kingston defeated Andrade
Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli resulted in time-limit draw
Blue League: Daniel Garcia defeated Brody King

Rules dictate 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The winners of the two leagues meet in the finale at the Worlds End PPV on December 30.

Gold League
Jon Moxley - 12 points
Swerve Strickland - 12 points
Jay White - 12 points
Rush - 6 points
Mark Briscoe - 3 points
Jay Lethal - 0 points

Blue League
Bryan Danielson - 10 points
Eddie Kingston - 9 points
Andrade - 9 points
Claudio Castagnoli - 7 points
Brody King - 6 points
Daniel Garcia - 3 points

The league finals are set. Moxley, Swerve, and White will compete in the triple-threat to determine the Gold winner. The Blue winner comes down to Danielson versus Kingston. Both matches take place on Wednesday night Dynamite.

Moxley had the best promo of the Gold League bunch. He was proud at finishing with maximum effort, but he was also angry at not earning a 5-0 record. Mox plans to show the world something special in the triple-threat. He was knocked down, has an injured leg, and now has to face two opponents instead of one. Rather than make excuses as a way to come to terms with potential defeat, Moxley is going to suck it up and get the job done. The lesson is that the world doesn’t care about excuses. Since the AEW fans paid their hard-earned money for tickets, they deserve 100% effort from Moxley.

Bryan Danielson doubled down on talk that Eddie Kingston is a bum. The Mad King takes pride in being king of the underdogs, and he’s going to use that disrespect as motivation to beat Danielson. Those promos lit a fire of intensity for their story. Their verbal exchange has already been covered, which you can view here.

The Continental Classic is a great example of the agony of defeat and the ecstasy of victory. Briscoe and Garcia were winless entering the final week. Their confidence was shaken, but their spirit never wavered. Both wrestlers picked up their first win in week 5.

Briscoe was jubilant backstage. He has maintained that this year is like his rookie season as a singles wrestler. Dat Boy is continually improving through competition, and he picked up wisdom about pace and intensity. The pieces are falling into place for future success.

Garcia proved he is not a loser. The odds were stacked against him against one of the toughest men in the company, and he earned victory. Garcia is not naive enough to call himself a winner yet, but he is certainly not a loser. Daddy Magic was proud for Garcia pushing through without quitting.

In honor of the first Continental Classic tournament, AEW released a special t-shirt.

Share your thoughts on the Continental Classic. Make your predictions for the league finals.

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