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Matt Jackson confirms his wife, Dana Massie, is leaving her executive position at AEW

Dana Massie's Instagram

At AEW’s launch back in 2019, the company was a bit of a family affair. Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi was Chief Brand Officer. Dana Massie, wife of The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson, took on the role of Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer.

It was an extension of work Massie was doing for The Bucks throughout their independent careers, running their online merchandise store from their home. By most accounts she continued to do it well for AEW and its entire roster, but shortly after reports hit that Massie would be leaving the company, Matt confirmed her departure in his Instagram Story:

End of an era. You were in the first conversations, when this was all only an idea. One of the main builders of our empire. Always positive in at times was a thankless job. Glad you got do do it all, and leave on your terms, by your own choice. It’s been fun working with you. See you at dinner.

It’s our latest sign AEW is growing beyond its roots, which was probably inevitable however it turns out. We wish all the best to Mrs. Matt, who can go back to “just” being a mom now... and whatever else she decides to do next.

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