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AEW 2024 wish list: Feed me more Ryback!

Christmas time is here, and that means sending a wish list to Santa Khan. Gather around to cheer or jeer these requests for AEW in 2024.

Feed me more Ryback

Ryback is a polarizing character in the world of professional wrestling. I enjoy his hoss style and sense of humor. Once Ryback is medically cleared to compete, I’d like to see what he can do in AEW. Throwing meat hooks with Will Hobbs, Keith Lee, Brian Cage, and the other beefers would be delightful. Ryback has also shown his versatility to work with luchadores. There is a lot of potential for cool matchups.

I’d also like to see the pop upon his return. I’m wagering it would be loud and proud as a surprise. The AEW fans generally like to have a good time in live attendance, so I believe they would treat the moment right.

Let’s hear it for the Big Guy becoming All Elite.

Speaking of hosses...

Meat on meat

Please give the world one super hoss fight on every PPV. An aspect that many enjoy in professional wrestling is the larger-than-life athletes. Lining up two huge men and letting them duke it out is one of life’s simple joys. There’s a certain electricity in the air when hosses like Miro, Will Hobbs, Samoa Joe, Tomohiro Ishii, and others start throwing haymakers. These matches don’t have to be 30-minute epics. Just ring the bell, and unleash the slobberknocking.

Women’s tag team tournament

There has been a clamoring for tag team titles in the AEW women’s division, but I’m passing on that idea. I have yet to see a prominent promotion truly develop a women’s tag team scene with depth. It might start strong with a few teams, but it doesn’t take long to devolve into random pairings when fresh challengers are needed.

Instead, bring back the women’s tag team tournament. AEW launched the Deadly Draw in 2020, and it was fun to watch. AEW currently has enough friendships brewing where they can drop the random partner aspect. This would be a simple way to create motivation and deliver interesting matchups that don’t revolve around chasing singles titles.

Von Erichs vs. FTR

The Von Erichs recently popped into AEW for a shot of action. It was a nice blast from the past with Kevin Von Erich flanking sons Ross and Marshall. I’d like to see them return. Ross and Marshall have shown their skills as MLW tag team champions. They would fit right in for exciting fresh matchups. Imagine the Von Erichs versus the Young Bucks, House of Black, the Gunns, and so on. But really, the one contest I truly want to see is the Von Erichs wrestle FTR. Their styles would mesh well for a classic throwback vibe.

Danhausen in a blimp

Danhausen has been asking for a blimp for years. It’s time to make it happen.

That’s my wish list for AEW in 2024. Share your wish list in the comments.

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