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Bryan Danielson doubles down on talk that Eddie Kingston is a bum

The Continental Classic Blue League final is set with Eddie Kingston seeking payback against Bryan Danielson. For one man, this rivalry is deeply personal. For the other, well, it isn’t really a rivalry since Danielson has never lost to Kingston. Danielson doubled down on talk that Kingston is a bum.

After Kingston defeated Andrade in the main event of Collision to secure his spot in the final, Danielson entered the ring to stoke the fire. Kingston flapped his gums, while Danielson was amused at the threats. Danielson taunted Kingston by turning his back to show no respect. Kingston did his tough guy routine, while Danielson continued smiling. Being called a bum is motivation for Kingston. He claimed to be the king of the bums, king of the underdogs. Danielson replied that Kingston is indeed a bum. Mic drop and exit.

For context, the bum line goes further back, but the talking point was reignited after Danielson beat Kingston earlier in the tournament. Danielson found a sign, “Eddie is a bum,” in the crowd, then he dropped the sign on Kingston’s carcass. In the weekly backstage promos, Kingston has been using that disrespect as motivational fuel.

Danielson’s backstage promo was fire.

Danielson gave credit to Kingston for being physically tough, however, he questioned Kingston’s mental toughness. Kingston always has an excuse for losing. Danielson displayed the difference in mindsets. He wrestled the tournament with the orbital bone injury and never complained. If he can’t win how is at that moment, then he doesn’t deserve it. Danielson continued with ruthless analysis of Kingston’s psyche.

Danielson: Let me tell everybody what’s going to happen on Wednesday. I’m going to do something to Eddie, maybe kick him in the head, maybe slap a submission on him, and he’s going to get to the point where he lifts up his finger to my face and flips me off. He feels like he’s never giving up by doing it, but what he’s doing is instead of using the last amount of energy that he has to fight me, he’s using it to protect his ego, to make him feel like more of a man, to make him feel like this (middle finger) compensates for his losing every single time to me.

Well, guess what, Eddie. You’re going to flip me off as many times as you want. You’re still going to lose, and you’re still going to be a bum. And you’re going to realize, that middle finger that you’re pointing at me, you’ve always been pointing at yourself.

Kingston provided his thoughts backstage as well. He hasn’t ever beaten Danielson, but he never went home and quit. Kingston is the king of the underdogs and loves it. He is going to hurt Danielson and advance to the finals.

These promos are so damn good at adding layers of psychology to the feud and hooking an emotional investment from fans. It also makes predicting the result an even harder call. A win from Kingston would be the feel-good moment finally besting his rival. If played right, it could demonstrate his personal growth over the years as a fighter. A win from Danielson would reinforce why he is one of the all-time best. He’s like the hardened sensei from martial arts movies that teaches tough lessons.

The match goes down on Wednesday night at Dynamite.

Share your reaction to the promos from Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston. Which side do you stand with?

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