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Skye Blue’s new finisher, Stokely Hathaway’s new look, and Hardys’ new attitude

The latest episode of Rampage (Dec. 22, 2023) showcased a few new nuggets of development with Skye Blue, Stokely Hathaway, and the Hardys.

Skye Blue recently joined sides with Julia Hart. Friday night television aired her first match since that story turn, and she debuted a new finisher to beat Queen Aminata. The sequence started with a TKO.

Blue continued by floating over for a dragon sleeper to earn the win.


Stokely Hathaway huffed and puffed Kris Statlander’s house down with confidence from a new mustache and suit looking like Steve Harvey Junior. Big Stoke came in spouting bull crap trying to instigate a rift between Statlander and her friends.

The Hardys are tired of being disrespected, and they aimed to teach the Kingdom rapscallions a lesson of respect. Matt and Jeff took their aggression a little too far. Jeff pulled off his own boot to beat Mike Bennett.

Matt grabbed a chair with malicious intent, but referee Rick Knox quickly confiscated the foreign object. Matt continued arguing in the ring, and Matt Taven scored a sneaky roll-up to win. Commentary described the Hardys’ new attitude as unhinged.


Share your take on Skye Blue’s new finisher, Stokely Hathaway’s new look, and the Hardy’s new attitude.

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