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AEW Collision Holiday Bash results, live blog (Dec. 23, 2023): Blue League wraps up


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Dec. 23) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from San Antonio, Texas’ Frost Bank Center. It will continue the company’s build toward their Worlds Ends PPV on Long Island next Saturday.

That includes the final round robin matches in the Continental Classic. The Blue League wraps up with multiple possibilities for next Wednesday’s semi-finals riding on the results of Eddie Kingston vs. Andrade El Ídolo, Daniel Garcia vs. Brody King, and a Blackpool Combat Club clash of Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli!

Plus, TNT champion Christian Cage responds to Adam Copeland’s PPV challenge, Thunder Rosa returns to team with Abadon against TBS champ Julia Hart & Skye Blue, The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass put their AEW Trios titles on the line against Top Flight & Action Andretti, MEATy men Keith Lee & Brian Cage throw down... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


None of the usual short promos to start, instead we’re getting right into it.

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli

It’s a Blue League match in the Continental Classic Tournament. Danielson comes in with 9 points and in control of his own destiny, in a win or draw and he’s in scenario.

Some chain wrestling to start into a stalemate so the crowd can cheer. More feeling each other out, and Danielson getting the edge but Claudio doing anything to get out. Battling in the corner. Back out, and another stalemate. Danielson trying to work submissions but Claudio fighting him off repeatedly. Another stalemate, one that ends with Danielson hitting his BCC teammate with a boot to the jaw.

Castagnoli finally gets pissed and starts taking it to Danielson with big shots. Can’t get the Swing because Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock, broken by Claudio getting under the rope.

They just kept going to stalemates, with Claudio finally getting the Swing but Danielson fighting him off and “this is awesome” chants ringing out.

Commercial break.

Danielson in control as we get back, kicks in the corner, huge belly-to-back suplex from the top rope. Another LeBell Lock, and some controversy with the referee not seeing Claudio get his foot on the bottom rope for a loooong time. Finally, he noticed and called for the break to loud boos.

We’re told there are just five minutes remaining in the match and Claudio immediately hits a huge suplex from the top rope for a two count. Castagnoli lifts Bryan up, Danielson fighting him off with elbows to the head and an attempted triangle. Finally, Claudio hits the Neutralizer but that also only gets two.

Castagnoli talking to the ref and commentary says he’s just trying to learn how much time he has left. Under three minutes, they tell us. Meanwhile, Danielson gets back up and hits the Psycho Knee, but even that only gets two. Then he kicks his head in, but Castagnoli counters by doing it in reverse. They end up entangled on the mat just kicking each other in the face over and over as time ticks away.

Claudio gets the advantage kicking Bryan in the eye, but only gets two. He locks him up in a Sharpshooter and we hear the ring announcer tell us just one minute remains. Danielson can’t get to the ropes, with Castagnoli pulling him to the center of the ring. 30 seconds remain. The crowd goes wild as Danielson tries not to tap.

With 10 seconds remaining, Claudio let him go, then went for the big uppercut and a quick pin but the bell sounded.

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli goes to a time limit draw

That means Danielson has advanced to the Blue League finals and Castagnoli is out.

After, the two shake hands and then hug.

Top Flight & Action Andretti vs. The Acclaimed

This is for the World Trios Championship.

Max Caster did indeed manage to fit in a reference to Wembanyama, saying something about being long just like him. This after mentioning a mama. Cough. Yes.

Acclaimed were in full control for much of the match. Lots of chants for Daddy Ass and wanting him to scissor. Top Flight & Andretti took control for a time and actually appeared to threaten but Daddy Ass put the stop to it by taking care of all three guys at once, regaining control for the babyfaces. Scissor me timbers was interrupted, however, and the challengers threatened once more. Andretti only got a two count off a splash, though, and Caster managed a surprise roll up.

The Acclaimed def. Top Flight & Action Andretti via pinfall to retain the Trios Championship

Everyone in the ring looked surprised about the result, even Daddy Ass. Kevin Kelly called out Caster using the tights to get the pin. The fans didn’t care, as they cheered for the celebration.

A special message from Hook.

He says he’ll fight Wheeler Yuta for his title but he wants to do it in his home area in New York at World’s End.

Sounds like it’s happening.

Brian Cage vs. Keith Lee

A good back-and-forth to start, with some impressive shows of strength from both men. Cage took control with an impressive tornado DDT from the corner. That led into a commercial break. Lee was the one throwing Cage when they came back.

Kevin Kelly tried to get across that Lee was trying to get to Swerve Strickland with a win like this. Cage regained control right after. The big men end up on the top rope and Cage hits a superplex with surprising speed and power.

A “holy shit” chant for that one.

But only a two count.

Cage came back with an F-5 that got two. Outside the ring, Nana grabbed a cinderblock and set it up in the ring. Naturally, Lee took control right after and hit the Big Bang Catastrophe to end it.

Keith Lee def. Brian Cage via pinfall

He grabbed a mic after and said someone took him out months ago with the cinderblock. He’s been trying to send a message to him but apparently he hasn’t been listening. So he’s going to go to Dynamite to make himself clear. He’s got a house to tear down and he’ll do it brick by brick.

Renee Young talking to Toni Storm.

Storm acts like she’s never met Mariah May, who tells us her American wrestling license has been approved and she’s medically cleared and good to go. Young asks when she’ll debut and she says soon.

Storm tells Riho she is small and light but the winter is coming and she has no problem packing it on, easily eight pounds. Until then, she’s out.

Christian Cage out with Nick Wayne.

He tells San Antonio to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts business. That business is the events that transpired a couple weeks ago in Montreal. Nick’s mom smashed Adam Copeland in the head with his TNT championship. He could explain why she did that but why should he when she can do it herself.

He introduced her, and out she walked.

Cage lets her talk. She’s upset about fans booing her. “How dare you!” She says Nick Wayne is her son, her baby boy, her pride and joy. Nick smiles big at this. She watched Copeland smash a steel chair into Nick’s head. “And you wonder why I made the choice that I did? I did what any loving mother would do. I protected my son.”


“Really? Really? Boo a mother? Through it all, something has been made very clear to me. The one person who loves and cares for my son as much as I do is the patriarch, Christian Cage.”

She hands him the mic back and he says Copeland is a despicable human being, a real piece of crap. Shayna worked a bunch of awful jobs just to try to make Nick’s dreams come true and Copeland tried to take that away with one swing of a chair.

Christian says if anything Copeland should empathize, considering his own mother was single and worked those same crappy jobs for him. He kinda wishes she was still alive so he could watch her disown Adam.


Montreal wasn’t a good night for Copeland but it was for Christian. He scored when he retained his title and he scored another way that night. Mother Wayne looked a little shy, but he just said he walked out with her.

Finally, he got around to accepting Christian’s invitation for World’s End but he wouldn’t accept it as a challenge because Copeland is no challenge for him. But at the event, on behalf of Copeland’s mother and all mother’s around the world, he’s going to take him out behind the shed and put him down for good.

Big Bill & Ricky Starks interviewed.

Bill makes a joke about Kenny Omega not really being sick with diverticulitis because his uncle has gingivitis and he’s totally fine.

Starks comes in and says he just doesn’t have the guts to face them. A real knee slapper, as Bill laughs and laughs about it. Ricky says this means they forfeit the tag title match at World’s End.

Chris Jericho shows up to say that while Omega is indeed out and the match is off for now, he still has a contract for a match and he’s going to get that match at some point, at some time, and with a partner he’ll find somewhere.

It’s time for another Blue League match.

Brody King vs. Daniel Garcia

They had Daddy Magic on commentary for this, putting over Garcia trying to save some face and finally get some points in this tournament. He’s still sitting on a donut. He slaps King and gets throttled for his efforts.

Garcia would try to get back in it but King would just keep beating on him, even lifting him up and choking him out on the apron before dropping him to the ground to be counted out. They went to commercial right after, funny enough. Garcia managed to beat the count, from the looks of the picture-in-picture.

The song remained the same back in full picture, Garcia just trying to survive. He ate chop after chop and kept moving forward. King offered up his chest and asked for his best shot. So Garcia delivered a bunch of chops of his own and still ended up getting rocked with a forearm. He kept battling, though, coming off the ropes with forearms and gradually wearing on Brody. He went for a slam but just straight up fell out flat without getting it.

King picked him up and Garcia danced to mock him. Then he ducked under a big forearm and actually managed to pick King up for a slam. Huge pop. It only got two, however.

Not long after, King hit the big lariat on his comeback but that only got two. The Gonzo bomb also only got two. But Garcia was down and looking out. King put him between his legs like he was going to lift him for a powerbomb but Garcia jumped over, put King on his back, and stole the pin!

Daniel Garcia def. Brody King via pinfall

King is out now and Garcia got his three points.

King was livid after the match and the lights went out. When they came up, Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews were in the ring, dragging Garcia to King. Daddy Magic got up to try to help but he got smoked by a knee from Buddy.

Before House of Black could do any more damage, FTR hit the ring to run them off.

Dax Harwood got on the mic and said he’s ready to beat some ass and they want FTR vs. House of Black for the first time ever.

Top Guys out.

Skye Blue & Julia Hart vs. Thunder Rosa & Abadon

Abadon getting beat up early. She gets control long enough to try to tag Rosa in but Blue and Hart rush in to stop that, knocking Rosa off. Finally, Rosa got in and did some damage before the heels took control again. The babyfaces made their comeback and it ended just how you’d think.

Thunder Rosa & Abadon def. Skye Blue & Julia Hart via pinfall

Eddie Kingston vs. Andrade El Idolo

Really slow rolling to start, locking up, stalemate, more locking up. Back-and-forth with a few shots. Taking their time. Commercial break. Back from it and Andrade kicking out Eddie’s knees. He went in on working them over from there.

Big knees in the corner. He goes into the three suplexes. That gets two. Full control though and playing it up to the crowd, who cheer.

Kingston makes his comeback, the big chops in the corner. Exploder gets a two count while Eddie continues selling the knee. Andrade comes back and gets a two count off the double flip from the top. They keep going back and forth, trading near falls. Andrade finally went for the Figure Four and then bridge into the Figure Eight but Kingston got the bottom rope before he could bridge.

That’s when we were informed five minutes remained.

Kingston went big with shots and a slam and wouldn’t you know it.

Eddie Kingston def. Andrade El Idolo via pinfall

That sets up Kingston vs. Danielson in the Blue League final next Wednesday.

Bryan makes his way out to get in the ring with Eddie. They have a confrontation as the show fades out.


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