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The Hardys are tired of being disrespected

Matt & Jeff Hardy haven’t won a televised AEW match as a two-person tag team since they beat The Young Bucks at Double or Nothing 2022.

A lot has happened in that time — most prominently Jeff Hardy’s most recent drug & alcohol-related arrest, which led to an AEW suspension and company-mandated trip to rehab. Their general lack of direction since Jeff returned in April of this year led to the brothers venting some frustration on Matt’s podcast earlier this month. Now, it seems that frustration has led to an angle.

A promo segment setting up The Hardys match with The Kingdom on Rampage tonight (Dec. 22) was posted on X yesterday. In it, Jeff says the sobriety’s changed him, and that he feels “2024 is gonna be the best year of The Hardys career.”

Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett interrupt them to basically say the things critics have been saving about The Hardys for the past few years: that while they were once people’s favorites, they’re now too old, too slow, and incapable of recapturing their old magic. The elder Hardy chases them off by yelling that on Rampage, Taven & Bennett will get “The Hardys that are going to hurt you!”

Matt Hardy reposted that clip today, added a caption that sounds like the team’s mission statement for the new year:

Question is... is AEW committed to a Hardys push, or is this just a one-off angle for a match on Rampage that Matt’s using in hopes of stirring up fan support for a “comeback” program?

Perhaps we’ll know more after tonight’s show.

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