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CJ Perry & her disgusting finger are going home

After almost a week in the hospital for a infection that started with a splinter in her finger and led to surgery, CJ Perry says she’s headed home.

The AEW star provided that update on Instagram, which also includes a video where she asks for continued prayers as she’s been having trouble breathing the past couple days (WARNING: the images and videos you’ll see scrolling through this post include the unfiltered post-op picture of her finger, and a clip where she can be heard vomiting).

Perry’s missed two shows — one for AEW and one for CMLL) so far due to the finger infection, which spread to her arm before she was hospitalized last weekend. No word on when she might be back. She’s paired with Andrade El Ídolo in storyline, and hasn’t really been needed while he’s competing in the Continental Classic. A feud between Andrade & CJ’s husband Miro is set-up for after the tournament however, and she figures to be central to that.

All in due time. First she needs to get healthy, and being discharged from the hospital is hopefully a good sign she’s on track to do that.

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