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CJ Perry’s finger is absolutely disgusting

CJ Perry (fka Lana in WWE) missed a couple of shows with AEW and CMLL at the end of last week because she was hospitalized with an infection in her finger. The entire ordeal apparently began by getting a small splinter in her finger backstage at last week’s Dynamite taping. Perry needed surgery to address the problem.

CJ posted a picture of her finger a short while ago on social media, and there’s a pretty good chance this picture will haunt your nightmares tonight:

That’s absolutely disgusting, but at least Perry is in good spirits about the whole thing and is on the road to recovery.

One might argue that CJ’s husband Miro was right when he warned that she would be better off staying at home as his queen instead of going to work for AEW. I guess Miro now has even more incentive to murder Andrade when the Continental Classic is over.

What’s your reaction to CJ’s gnarly finger, Cagesiders?

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