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MJF & Samoa Joe fight off an attack & accept a challenge from The Devil

One week after The Devil appeared in the flesh on Dynamite to direct his henchmen’s assault of Hangman Page, two men who accused Page of being under The Devil mask met in the ring on Dec. 20.

Samoa Joe and Maxwell Jacob Friedman had other matters to discuss too, as they’ll wrestle for MJF’s AEW World title at Worlds End in ten days on Long Island. But first, Joe recapped Roderick Strong’s theory that Max is The Devil. Then he had some questions he wanted to ask the champ.

Friedman clarified that Joe was accusing him of being under the mask, then asked some questions of his own. Namely, why was Joe not there when MJF was taken out two weeks ago? He’d promised to protect Max until their match at the PPV. And why did The Devil’s goons not attack Joe that night?

Neither man had any answers that would satisfy they other, and MJF was ready to fight Joe tonight. But before he got a chance, an army of masked men attacked. And after they fought off the first wave, another attacked!

They probably should have grabbed one of these guys and unmasked them, or at least asked them some questions. But in the heat of the moment, they just threw them all of the ring. Then, they got another challenge from The Devil.

Where can you go?
Who can you trust?
Next week, will you accept a challenge...
For your ROH World Tag Team championship
Are you a hero, Max?

Unlike last time, Joe had no qualms about accepting this one. Just days before they fight at Worlds End, they’ll team up next Wednesday to defend MJF & Adam Cole’s Ring of Honor Tag titles.

This is essentially the same match AEW set-up for Dec. 6 when Max was taken out backstage. That time Joe didn’t want to face The Devil’s goons, but this time he accepted the match. Will it happen?

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