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CJ Perry says ‘deadly infection’ started with a splinter

With the worst of her health concerns hopefully addressed by a recent surgery, AEW’s CJ Perry (fka WWE’s Lana) is talking about what started them in the first place.

Perry has missed two appearances and counting due to an infection that started in her finger and spread to her arm. The operation she underwent earlier this week came after she said she’d been in the hospital for more than 50 hours. In an Instagram update last night (Dec. 19), CJ reveals it started with a splinter she got backstage at Dynamite last Wednesday...

I have been in the hospital since Saturday fighting a fatal infection that came from getting a small splinter backstage at work this past Wednesday. Please keep me in your prayers. And everyone really take care of any cuts you get. As small as a splinter can turn into a deadly infection. Love all of you guys and thank you to everyone who has reached out.

Obviously, her infection wasn’t fatal. But based on the way she devoured that Jello in the video, we’re guessing Perry has been on some pretty strong painkillers while dealing with this, so we’re not going to nitpick her word choice.

Hopefully the worst is behind her now, and we can look forward to our next update being about her return to television. And Miro, get that woman some more snacks!

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