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AEW All In 2024 ticket sales already a ‘huge success’, says Tony Khan

If you’re like me, you’ve enjoyed the past couple months free from reports on the different ways to measure ticket sales and attendance for AEW’s All In show at London’s Wembley Stadium last August.

Cherish those days of not hearing debates involving phrases like “turnstile count” and reading about the differences between tickets distributed and sold, my friends. Tickets officially went on sale yesterday (Dec. 1) for next August’s All In at the same venue, and AEW owner Tony Khan already has some figures he wants people to get excited and/or mad about...

Four million dollars in sales on the first day sounds good to me, but so did all the numbers associated with AEW’s Wembley debut this past summer. It sounds impressive in terms of tickets sold, too.

Not quite as impressive as last year, mind you. After the first day of sales to the general public, AEW had sold more than 60,000 tickets to All In 2023. That happened much closer to the show itself however, so there’s plenty of time to catch-up and open up more seats (which commonly happens for events from all companies).

It also leaves lots of time for good and bad faith arguments about the show’s success, and its place in the record books.


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